Polestar ITSMBusiness Simulation

Get In With The IT Crowd

Polestar ITSMBusiness Simulation Get In With The IT Crowd

Can you and fellow participants successfully forge a partnership between a global online retail business and its IT services? Can you overcome cultural, process and service management issues to allow the business to thrive? Only by implementing ITIL® concepts of service management can participants become champions of ITSM. Enter into this engaging, interactive simulation to put your ITIL knowledge into practice.

Why An ITSM Business Simulation?

Serious game simulations place participants inside a realistic, exciting, virtual world and task them with a series of challenges. It is a risk-free environment, a face-to-face learning arena, and an engaging, interactive classroom where a business or IT concept is brought to life.

Is it right for your company?

If you’re wondering whether the Polestar ITSM simulation is right for your company, consider these questions:

Do your IT and business managers have formal processes and channels through which to communicate and liaise when issues arise?

Do your IT departmental teams understand what the IT management understands about the business, and what it takes to keep it running?

If you answered yes to both these questions, then you’ll already have workable resolution processes in place, superb interdepartmental communication, and highly satisfied customers. Great job! Your employees won’t need to take part in this simulation.

If, however, you are experiencing the stress of managing and working in a dynamic environment, trying to meet the ever-changing demands of the business, whilst simultaneously trying to achieve service targets with increasing budget constraints – this simulation will prove to be a very useful experience.

The Polestar ITIL Simulation Will:

  • Significantly improve participants’ understanding of Business/IT Alignment.
  • Enable participants to discover the effectiveness of employing industry best practices such as ITIL.
  • Allow participants to apply ITIL processes to real IT Service Management situations within their organisation.
  • Enhance participants’ understanding of how implementing best practice Service Management processes affects both above- and below-the-line activities.
  • Show how utilising Service Management will benefit business performance.
  • Show how the actions are taken in the IT department can impact on the profitability of the company.

What Does The Polestar ITSM Simulation Involve?

Participants will be given a series of challenges and problems, spread across five rounds in interactive, face-to-face workshops.

Participants are placed inside a virtual global online retail world, experiencing the fast-paced demands of a real-life business. The ITSM simulation brings to life the service management, cultural and process issues that organisations face, and encourages a strategic partnership between IT and the business.

The Polestar ITSM simulation recreates the real world interaction between IT and the business, from both a strategic and operational perspective, and is designed to reflect the entire service management lifecycle, as defined by ITIL V3. Participants’ operational maturity will increase with each completed round, and they will develop a holistic understanding of quality service management as they go.

It doesn’t end there, as participants will also be required to take part in simulation exercises in between the rounds. During these periods, they will engage in service transition phases by planning for strategic and operational continual service improvements.

How it works

Round 1

  • Working in silos (IT and the business).
  • Communication issues and chaos.
  • Introducing the Service Desk and Incident Management.

Round 2

  • Refining and improving Incident Management.
  • Introducing Problem Management, Knowledge Management and Trend Analysis.
  • Introducing Availability and Capacity Management.
  • Introducing Configuration, Change and Service Level Management.
  • Business Relationship Management.

Round 3

  • Maturing the Service Desk and Incident Management.
  • Maturing Problem Management and the Knowledge Base.
  • The importance of Change and Release Management.
  • Service Continuity and Event Management.
  • Supplier and Information Security Management.

Round 4

  • Introducing Financial Management.
  • Maturing Configuration Management.

Round 5

  • Demonstrate the importance of processes and their relationships.
  • Review how ITSM maturity has evolved and the benefits to the business.
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