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Coupling up-to-date knowledge with a healthy work-life balance

Download the full case study
Joost-ITGreat value e-learning Coupling up-to-date knowledge with a healthy work-life balance Download the full case study

The challenge for Joost-IT

A consultant’s hourly rate depends on their certification as well as their experience; their company also benefits from employing staff with the most up-to-date training and knowledge. However, offering employees the opportunity to gain the latest certifications can impact heavily on a small business like Joost-IT. Aside from the training costs, there is also loss of earnings when that employee is on study leave. Furthermore, Joost-IT is passionate about offering a healthy work-life balance for all its staff, so studying in their own free time is not deemed appropriate. The solution that benefits both the employee and the employer is e-learning.

Download the full case study

Pink Elephant’s e-learning courses fit hand-in-glove with Joost- IT’s employee-friendly philosophy. Not only are the modules engagingly interactive, but the bite-sized learning technique allows for greater flexibility to learn when it best suits the employee, who can complete a module in as little as 10 minutes. Research has also shown that learning in small doses can increase knowledge retention, and is far more effective than brain-drainingly convoluted courses. This all leads to Joost-IT gaining better certified ‘knowledge consultants’ while maintaining a happy workplace.

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Choose what to learn and when

Thanks to the bespoke element of Pink Elephant’s e-learning service, Joost-IT was able to handpick the most relevant learning modules for its sector. With the portal’s aforementioned built-in flexibility, the employees were able to choose which module to start with and at what pace. Pink Elephant’s e-learning portal can be downloaded on multiple devices so that employees can continue learning, whether they are behind a laptop in the office or using their smartphone on the bus.

Joost-IT’s Marcel Bosman, Service Manager Consultant, can’t sing the praises of Pink Elephant’s learning modules highly enough. He said:

‘As with all organisations, unexpected daily issues mean that certification training can fall by the wayside. But Pink Elephant’s e-learning solution has evidently motivated and encouraged our staff to start learning in a manner which we ourselves take pride in – balancing enthusiasm with a healthy work-life balance. From the insights that Pink’s portal gives to managers, I can see that staff have quickly completed the information security modules, and they are immersed in the Agile and LeanIT courses as well as the one on VeriSM, which looks at governance aspects and service management principles relating to the delivery of a certain product or service.

‘Also, what’s handy about the Pink Elephant portal is that we can also make use of the new ITIL4 training modules, which will be highly relevant to our business because this new version of ITIL works in greater harmony with Agile and Lean IT.’

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Customer Benefits

  • Staff training with a healthy work-life balance.
  • Access to an extensive portfolio of accredited training courses
  • Easily accessible on a range of devices
  • Testing algorithm to identify weakest areas
  • Insight into how employees are progressing
  • Value for money

About Joost-IT

Joost-IT is a forward-thinking IT enterprise specialising in Agile Service Management and IT Tooling Consultancy. The Dutch company, based just outside The Hague, considers its relatively small size to be an asset in that – unlike in the corporate world – it can zip through decision-making and take swift actions.

Why the Pink Portal?

  • Learning anywhere, anytime and across all devices
  • Personalised learning journey through Memotrainer
  • Bite-size training
  • 12 months of unlimited access to the entire Pink training portfolio
  • Interactive: enables communication with a trainer or other participants
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