Cherwell® Asset Management

Cherwell® Asset Management

Minimise Software License Risk, and Rein in Costs

Cherwell® Asset Management is a software asset management (SAM) tool built for organisations that want to reduce software license spending, IT overhead, and software audit risk. It allows you to consolidate your hardware and software license, usage, and inventory data to seamlessly track and manage IT investments—and abandon Excel spreadsheets. Cherwell Asset Management integrates seamlessly with Cherwell Service Management, populating the Cherwell CMDB with IT asset data.

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Key Capabilities & Features

Hardware and Software Inventory

Take the guesswork out of what’s installed across your network with powerful IT asset discovery and inventory reporting.

License Compliance Management

Proactively monitor your license inventory and usage to correct deficits before an audit.

Software Usage Analysis

Reclaim 15-20% of your annual software budget through license re-allocation and optimization.

ITAM Purchasing System

Consolidate IT procurement and licensing information and reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets.

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Enjoy World-Class Software Recognition

Cherwell Software Asset Management helps you transform from outdated, reactive software asset management to a proactive enterprise that is always audit‑ready and up-to-date.

Unlike other software license management tools, Cherwell Asset Management uses a proprietary software catalogue to recognize the countless executables discovered on your network. That’s why Cherwell Asset Management’s software inventory reports are more complete and reliable than technology that relies on other methods, such as file headers or registry analysis.

Ensure Compliance with Proactive, Automated License Management

When it comes to license compliance, you can’t afford to be caught asleep at the wheel. 53% of organizations experienced a software audit within the last two years, with true-up costs and penalties averaging $525,000 among those found to be non-compliant.

Cherwell Asset Management’s world-class license management capabilities and compliance reporting enable you to monitor your license position in a proactive, automated fashion—so you can correct license deficits before you receive the software audit letter.

Reclaim 15-30% of Your Software Budget

Do you suspect that unused or underutilized software licenses are costing your organization big money? Prove it with Cherwell Asset Management’s powerful software usage analysis. On average, Cherwell’s IT asset management customers reclaim 15-30% of their annual software budget through re-allocation of licenses, termination of maintenance fees and support costs, and renegotiation of software contracts.

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