Leadership & Culture Change
The course

IT people are often given extensive training and support in their technical skills development but are left to pick up leadership skills ‘on the job’. While there is a cross-over into more general management
and leadership, the content of this workshop focuses on the demands placed on leaders that are specific to the IT Service Management profession.

Target group
Knowledge Objective

  • The Learning Challenge
  • People working in IT often regard activities outside their specialist field as peripheral to their ‘real work’. Also, they find themselves in a culture where they must be seen to have all the answers; where
  • questioning themselves or asking others for help is seen as a sign of weakness. This is especially true in times of change. To overcome these very real barriers to learning and continuous improvement, we
  • take a facilitator role rather than a traditional trainer role. We provide the process and tools for learning, plus input and guidance where appropriate. The participants also contribute content, through their own live case studies and experiences. They are encouraged to:
  •  Define what they need to learn and the changes they wish to make very clearly, including required evidence of success, and agree this with their managers
  •  Specify exactly how they will put new knowledge and thinking into practice, and how they will ‘sell’ these to others back in the workplace
  •  Clarify how they will judge success – starting with the end in mind

3 days. -

Generic course information

How can you translate this knowledge into results?
Investing in the development of a leadership skill-set for a career in a management role will enable service managers to improve the performance of their team and build trust, openness and motivation.
This in turn will lead to better talent management and job enrichment and increased retention of valued staff members.

In addition, better communication and team working will drive improved collaboration with teams and departments across the organisation. Service managers will be able to gain and sustain-buy-in to organisational, technological and process changes, and enable their organisation to optimise their investment in IT.

Course Content
Day 1 – Strategic and commercial thinking for ICT
Leadership in service management. Setting the context and objectives
What is leadership? Definitions and role clarification
Finding your style and understanding others’ ways of working
Identifying and managing stakeholders
The stereotypes that get in the way of strategic ICT and how these can be influenced, using the ABC (Attitudes, Behaviours and Culture) of ICT
Analysis of the end-to-end service management process to identify where and how good leadership can influence relationships and delivery
Sphere of influence and control, networking and ‘politics’ redefined

Day 2—Leading technical teams
The normal dynamics of effective and high-performing teams
Simulation game
Team ‘Health Check’. How to get your team to share responsibility for team relationships
Time and priority management
‘Plan’, ‘Do, ‘Check’, ‘Act’, Deming applied to leadership including ‘never plan alone, delegation, giving feedback, tips for handling conflict

Day 3—Communicating with the business and leading change
The communication process—typical barriers in organisations and techniques for overcoming them
‘Marketing’ ICT services—breaking the taboo. Tips from the world of sales and advertising to help to improve communication with the business
How to make meetings short, relevant interesting and useful
The fundamentals of the change process
Kotter’s 8 steps—’Our Iceberg Is Melting’
Leading changes in Service Management
Communications ‘Blueprint’ to create your own communications plan
Action planning to transfer course content back to the workplace

Next Steps & Related Information
Depending on job role, this course is a valuable complement to the ITIL related and Project Management courses. Not sure which is your next course? A Pink Elephant consultant can help you map out your next steps on an ITSM career path.


Training costs: £ 995,-


If you are interested in holding this workshop at your organisation please contact us on +44 (0)118 3240626 or email info@pinkelephant.co.uk.

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