The Pink Portal: Revolutionary e-learning, one bite at a time

Imagine an in-house training app that an employee can use at their desk or on the move, one that provides access to world-class accredited training courses, and also one that can be tailored to a company’s needs and house style.

No need to imagine.

Pink Elephant has launched its revolutionary Pink e-learning portal, designed with bite-size training in mind so that employees are their own boss when it comes to learning.

The interactive multi-platform app offers lessons lasting between five and 30 minutes, which are complemented by podcasts and an online discussion forum.

The app also features a Memotrainer – a specially designed revision tool that offers the learner a daily opportunity to practice sets of questions in chosen subject areas. The Memotrainer is an adaptive tool that tracks the development of the learner, and so automatically pinpoints parts of the course where the individual needs a bit more help.

Pink Elephant’s UK director Gijs-Jan Huisman said: “A clear trend has been visible in recent years: more and more organisations are training their employees through online training. Due to this increasing demand, Pink Elephant has launched a state-of-the-art learning portal allowing learning to take place anywhere, anytime and across all devices. As a learning journey shouldn’t be a lonely experience, all our training courses are interactive and the portal enables communication with a trainer or other participants.”

The app provides a personalised portal that is fully adaptable to any company’s needs, and can be used to train both individuals and a whole organisation.

It provides access to Best Practice Methodology foundation modules such as ITIL, PRINCE2, Lean IT, AgilePM and Service Automation, for a fixed price per employee per year.

The app is designed around the idea that employee-led bite-size learning and self-assessment can lead to greater knowledge retention in the long-term.

Mr Huisman said: “One size no longer fits all. The key to a successful modern-day learning strategy is to provide every delegate with a personalised learning journey, offering additional options for accessing content that’s of interest to them.”

In addition to e-learning, Pink Elephant offers bespoke onsite training to help employees put what they’ve learned into practice.

Pink Elephant also offers business games, where best practices can be tested out in a realistically simulated and secure environment.

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