Internet/Web Management

Internet/Web Management

Many organisations conduct much of their business through the internet and are therefore heavily dependent upon the availability and performance of their websites. In such cases, a separate Internet/Web Support team or department will be desirable. The responsibilities of such a team or department incorporate both intranet and internet and are likely to include:

  • Defining architectures for internet and web services
  • The specification os standards for development and websites and web pages. This will typically be done during Service Design
  • Design, testing, implementation, and maintenance of websites. This will typically be done during service Design
  • In many organisation, web management will include the editing of content to be posted onto the web
  • Maintenance of all web development and management applications
  • Liaison and advice to web-content teams within the business. Content may reside in applications or storage devices, which implies close liaison with application Management and other Technical Management teams.
  • Third-level support for Internet/web-related incidents
  • Support for interfaces with back-end and legacy systems. This will often mean working with members of the application Development and management teams to ensure secure access and consistency of functionality
  • Monitoring and management of website performance and including; heartbeat testing, user experience simulation, benchmarking, on-demand load balancing, virtualization
  • Website availability, resilience, and security. This will form part of the overall Information Security Management of the organisation.

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