Free ITSM White Papers

Free ITSM White Papers

IT Service Management and Cloud Computing

This white paper sets out to describe at a high level what cloud computing is, how cloud computing is a disruptive innovation and what this means to IT organizations across the globe. Under examination will be the effect of cloud computing on existing IT management practices including IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL best practices.

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Best Practice in the Cloud: An Introduction

Using ITIL to seize the opportunities of the cloud – and raise to it challenges. The purpose of this white paper is to introduce the challenges of managing an IT environment in a cloud setting. It identifies the benefits of cloud computing and the potential unintended consequences – and how ITIL provides the foundations for best practice in a cloud environment.

This paper is intended for:

  • IT service management (ITSM) professionals already using ITIL in a cloud environment
  • ITSM professionals who understand ITIL and its benefits, and want to adopt and adapt ITIL for their cloud requirements
  • IT service providers consuming cloud services
  • Cloud service providers.

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ITIL for Managed Service Providers

This white paper provides a practical review of real-world challenges, ideas and techniques to help managed service providers deliver services aligned with ITIL. The paper focuses on the core ITIL lifecycle stages and how all stakeholders can maximize the business benefits of adopting a structured service governance approach.

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Integrating Six Sigma and ITIL for Continual Service Improvement

To address the practical and operational issues involved in introducing formal IT processes into organizations, the ITIL framework defines a service lifecycle stage – continual service improvement (CSI) – that is intended to measure and improve processes and services. This white paper discusses an approach using one such well-established process improvement methodology – Six Sigma, which is particularly compatible with ITIL.

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