Database Administration

Database Administration

Database Administration must work closely with key Application Management teams or departments and in some organisation, the functions may be combined or linked under a single management structure. Organisational options include:

  • Database Administration being performed by each Application Management team for all the applications under its control.
  • A dedicated department, which manages all databases regardless of type or application.
  • Several departments, each managing one type of database, regardless of what application they are part of.

Database Administration works to ensure the optimal performance, security, and functionality of databases that they manage. Database Administrators typically have the following responsibilities:

  • Creation  and maintenance of databases standards and policies
  • Initial database design, creation, testing
  • Management of the database availability and performance; resilience, sizing, capacity volumetrics etc.
  • Resilience may require database replication, which would be the responsibility of Database Administration
  • Ongoing administration of Databases objects: Indexes, tables, views, constraints, sequences snapshots and stored procedures; page locks – to achieve optimum utilization
  • The definition of triggers that will generate events, which in turn will alert database administrators of potential or integrity issues with the database
  • Performing database housekeeping – the routine tasks that ensure that the databases are functioning optimally and securely, e.g. tuning, indexing, etc.
  • Monitoring of usage; transaction volumes, response time, concurrency levels, ets.
  • Generating reports. These could be reports based on the data in the databases, or reports related to the performance and integrity of the database
  • Identification, reporting, and management of databases security issues; audit trails and forensics
  • Assistance in designing database backup, archiving and storage strategy
  • Assistance in designing database alerts and event management
  • Provision of third level support  for all database-related incidents,

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