Global Service Centre

Global Service Centre

The Pink Elephant Global Service Centre builds on our track record in Service Management in order to deliver exceptional skills and customer service for our global customers.  Our working practices are based on globally recognised frameworks such as ITIL and SDI with all staff certified in these two frameworks as a minimum.  Staff regularly receive education and training to continually develop their own capabilities and ensure high levels of enthusiasm are maintained in order to deliver service excellence for our customers.

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have access to a large resource pool to meet client requirements with regards both skills and languages.  Not every client has the technology in place, or may be unable provide remote access, and so we provide the option to utilise powerful best of breed technologies that we have in place and ready to go.

With our deep understanding of how your single point of contact should operate within the wider ITSM organisation, Pink Elephant is able to offer you a step change in attitude and results in a relatively short time frame.

In a global market offering various offshore and nearshore options, particularly to the European market, the question is often asked, Why South Africa? In addition to being a consistent winner of the European Outsourcing Association and National Outsourcing Association award, we believe some specific areas are as follows:

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