IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment

Let’s get straight to the point, Pink Elephant is not a recruitment agency, but we do know what kind of people you need to deliver and support quality IT Services within your organisation and we know how to get them – we’ve had over 24 years’ experience of hiring and developing IT Service Management (ITSM) subject matter experts.

  • Pink Elephant knows the Service Desk business inside out and back-to-front
  • We are not a recruitment agency, but we do know how to find the right people for the job
  • The Customer is involved only at the short-listed stage
  • Once employed – No-contact guarantee
  • Pink Elephant will put the successful candidate through a ‘Service’ induction course, including ensuring the candidate has the ITIL Foundation Certificate and are trained to SDI’s Support Analyst level
  • Customer ‘messaging’ may be incorporated in the Service Induction

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