Why you need to invest in IT Asset Management

Why you need to invest in IT Asset Management

It has become increasingly important for organisations to invest in an IT Software Asset Management solution. The primary reason is two-fold: organisations want to avoid wasting money on unused licenses and they also want to avoid the risk of an expensive true-up in the event of an audit.

And tracking software licensing entitlements across your organisation has become increasingly difficult for a variety of reasons including:

  • Numerous Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) have free, downloadable Enterprise Licenses entry points that software asset managers might not even know to exist on their networks
  • Most ISV’s carry a myriad of enterprise software licensing SKU’s that range from hundreds to tens of thousands of Pounds based on the type of license
  • Most ISV’s license their software in a variety of ways—per user, per device, per VM, or per CPU/socket/core—and have numerous pricing guides and practices for on-prem vs. virtualised on-prem vs. cloud-based licensing which can be very confusing and costly if you’re licensed incorrectly
  • Trying to manage software assets manually via spreadsheet is complex and prone to human error—especially if you have thousands of licenses sold through numerous channels

The Cherwell Asset Management solution can help organisations manage their IT systems more effectively while saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases. Organisations that develop and maintain an effective IT asset management program further minimise the incremental risks and related costs of advancing IT portfolio infrastructure projects based on old, incomplete, and less accurate information.

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Furthermore, automating and centralising the management of your software assets enables an easy way to share, track, and report on your software licensing entitlement positions so when it comes time to negotiate on your next volume contract agreement you can do it from a position of power with the confidence that you know exactly what’s under management, what solutions are being utilised, and where your organisation is realising the greatest benefits and return on investment from your software solutions.

And in contrast to other IT asset management solutions, Cherwell Asset Management offers a straightforward implementation that leverages your existing infrastructure and, on average, takes just hours—versus weeks or months—to deploy. You don’t need to be a SQL expert to run the reports you need, or a financial professional to take advantage of its powerful purchasing functionality—nor do you need professional services to optimise your implementation.

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