Challenge of Egypt An Agile Simulation

The Pharaoh wants the secure his place in the afterlife and it's your team's job to make it happen.

Challenge of Egypt An Agile Simulation The Pharaoh wants the secure his place in the afterlife and it's your team's job to make it happen.

Challenge of Egypt

The Pharaoh has commanded for a great pyramid to be constructed in his honour to secure his place in the afterlife. And it’s your team’s necks on the line to make sure his wish is granted. Can your team handle the pressure using AGILE project management principles? Or will you be buried? 

Serious Fun.

Serious game simulations place participants inside a realistic, exciting, virtual world and task them with a series of challenges. It is a risk-free environment, a face-to-face learning arena, and an engaging, interactive classroom where a business or IT concept is brought to life in a fun and dynamic way.

  • Explore AGILE best practices and how to effectively use them in a Project environment
  • Increase Project performance and CUSTOMER value
  • Understand project roles and dependencies in an AGILE setting
  • Get more out your Project Management training, translate theory into practice
  • Improve Team Work and identify improvements to the way you manage and run projects

How will building a pyramid improve your teams Agile skills?

The Project Management world is searching for new ways of managing projects. Lot’s of projects fail and millions of dollars are lost. AGILE and SCRUM seems to be the keywords in a world with fast-changing customer demands and requirements. But, running AGILE projects is completely different than running a traditional project.

Why is this?

  • Most of the Agile training is focused on Theory and just some small exercise
  • Managing Agile projects is managing dynamics. It requires interactions with all project stakeholders
  • Roles of traditional project management roles are changing. Must more teamwork, communication and integration.

About the Challenge of Egypt™

The Scenario We are in ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh wants to secure his afterlife and has a meeting with the High Priest. There is a workshop with a team of experts (Architects, Risk experts, Quarry experts, Nile expert and Construction workers), they interview the Pharaoh and they create this list of Products. Base on this the team will decide which products they can develop in the firsts SPRINT and step by step the team will develop all products. Even if the requirements of the Pharaoh change, the team will handle them all using AGILE principles.

Objectives of the simulation will be customized towards your own specific needs and learning objectives. But in general, these are the main objectives:

  • Learn how to apply AGILE principles and processes.
  • Learn how to create Customer Value in a dynamics
  • Learn how to work together in a team focused on running an Agile project.

The simulation takes place across 1 day, with between 8 – 12 participants per session and can be hosted at a location of your choice or at the Pink Elephant offices.

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