Application SupportApplication Administration

Taking care of your tasks and responsibilities

Application SupportApplication Administration Taking care of your tasks and responsibilities

Our dedicated application administrators and IT professionals have been employed specifically for their broad range of responsibilities. 


Tasks and responsibilities can vary depending on the organisation’s size, industry, and the complexity of the applications being managed, but we guarantee our dedicated application administrators and IT professionals can meet your needs thanks to their broad range of expertise and responsibilities.

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Our skilled team members can assist you with support in areas such as:

Installation / Configuration: Setup and configuration of specific or range of software applications, both on servers and clients’ devices. We ensure all necessary hardware and software requirements are met and all necessary business configuration specifications are applied to meet your needs.

Maintenance and Updates: Application of software updates, patches and upgrades, testing and deployment in a controlled manner to minimise and potential disruption or business downtime.

Monitoring: We work to your business application resources such as response times, throughput, and resource utilisation to assess the performance of the application. We, therefore, will help identify bottlenecks, scalability issues, or any degradation in service over time.

User Management: We will manage user access accounts and permissions within applications following your business approval, restriction and removal policies. Services include the creation and maintenance of user accounts, assigning appropriate roles and permissions alongside user authentication and authorisation.

Troubleshooting: By analysing log files, system or user reported issues, our administrators can assist in troubleshooting and work with 3rd party vendors or developers to triage issues and errors until a resolution is found.

Security and Compliance: Our application administrators can play a crucial role in the security of your applications. By implementing security measures such as access controls, encryption, and vulnerability management. Additionally, if required, they can ensure that applications comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Documentation and Reporting: At the core of the application administration service is documentation and change control. This involves maintaining accurate documentation, troubleshooting guides, processes and installation instructions, all to industry standards and backed by ITIL methodology. Application reporting is also a key enabler for your business as the administrators can provide visibility on items such as app performance, usage, and incident type severity and volume.

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Why choose Pink?

  • 24/7/365 Coverage

    Our Managed Service Centre is open 24/7/365

  • Multilingual Support

    English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and more

  • Lower operational costs

    Our fully managed service is accompanied by considerable cost savings and more...

  • ITSM Thought Leadership

    Globally recognised ITSM Thought Leader for over 40 years

  • Performance Driven

    KPI driven with a significant focus on first time fix and response...

  • Innovation

    Leading edge technology and future-equipped service capabilities

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