Backup/MonitoringVeeam Backup/Restore

Your Data & Network in safe hands

Backup/MonitoringVeeam Backup/Restore Your Data & Network in safe hands

At Pink Elephant, we understand the processes involved to optimise businesses’ data protection and recovery needs. With our technical teams’ extensive knowledge of Veeam Backup and Restore software and our commitment to a personalised service, we are here to provide you with a reliable and efficient backup solution.   

Veeam’s backup technology delivers a robust data protection and disaster recovery solution, offering comprehensive backup, replication, and recovery capabilities for virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments. 

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Outsourcing your Veeam Backup and Restore to us means a specialist Pink Elephant team can assist in the following: 

Setup and Configuration: At Pink Elephant, we take an agile approach, and customise our services to fit your requirements. By closely collaborating with you on your data protection goals and recovery objectives, our team of administrators will install and configure the Veeam Backup and Restore software according to your environment, and specific backup policies. Once complete, the associated installation and configuration documentation will be produced and issued to you. 

Job Design: Our experts are here to assist you in designing or optimising backup jobs within the Veeam backup software. Whether it is defining backup schedules, retention policies, or backup targets, we ensure that your backups are efficient, reliable, and aligned with your business recovery point objectives (RPO). 

Performance and Resource Optimisation: Our team actively monitors backup performance metrics such as backup speeds, processing rates, and resource utilisation such as CPU, memory, and disk usage. This allows us to identify potential bottlenecks, storage issues, or misconfigurations within the Veeam software. The goal is to minimise downtime and ensure the successful completion of your data backups. 

Restore and Recovery Support: With Pink Elephant’s team of administrators on board to manage your Veeam backup environment, it is not just about the restoration of individual files, virtual machines, or entire systems, but also about your peace of mind. 

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