• Service Request Catalogues Guidance

    Taken from Eddie Potts White Paper on Service Request Catalogues.

    Download the full white paper HERE

    Request fulfilment is very simple, but simple is not always the same as easy!

    A Service Request

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  • Four Pillars of Cost-Optimisation in Cloud Computing

    A key business driver to move to cloud in the first place for most organisation is to reduce cost incurred by on-permise infrastructure. Often times organisations undermine the complexity of

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  • Leadership During Change

    Now more than ever, leadership is crucial for organisations to not just keep up, but to innovate in order to survive and move forward. Without strong leaders, there may not

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  • 5 Questions and Answers about DevOps

    What is DevOps and where does it come from?

    The term DevOps typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow

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  • Jarod Greene on Service Automation

    I’m not ashamed to admit that my favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually. Nothing beats the opening scene of the gates at Heathrow Airport, as Hugh Grant voice explains that if

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  • An Approach to GDPR

    The Evolution of Data Protection

    Data protection has been around for a long time – the initial laws on data protection, were implemented just after WW2 to support human rights. These

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  • Governance in a Lean IT Organisation

    Traditional IT governance typically focuses on a command-and-control, documentation-based approach. Teams are expected to adopt and then follow corporate standards and guidelines, to produce (reasonably) consistent artefacts, and to have

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  • The Case for Service Integration and Management

    By Troy DuMoulin, VP Research & Development, Pink Elephant

    The Case For Service Integration and Management (SIAM) While continual change is a constant in the universe, there are some periods in history

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  • Are you a member of the 5% Club? – How fit for purpose is your CMDB

    A successful CMDB can be vital for an organisation, or rather it should be!

    The implementation of a CMDB, should herald the dawn of a new era: The transformation of an

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  • The Service Automation Framework – White Paper

    An introduction to the design and delivery of automated services

    By Jan-Willem Middelburg. Author and Chief Examiner, Service Automation Framework Alliance.

    Foreword – Richard Pharro. A lot has been written about the need

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  • Business Relationship Management – What Is It & Why Do I Need It?

    So here’s the thing. All too often we’re so busy fire fighting and saving the world that sometimes we forget about the actual customers. Business Relationship Management (BRM) is a

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  • How to Ruin your project – 6 pro tips!

    Projects are the tricky things to accomplish. To save you some time, here are 6 tips for what NOT TO DO. Good luck!

    Tip 1. Don’t tell anyone anything.

    If teammates ask you

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  • When is a Service Catalogue not a Service Catalogue?

    “A Service Catalogue or a Service Request Catalogue”

    The term Service Catalogue is commonly misused and can lead to confusion!

    Often the term is incorrectly used to describe a User Self-Service Portal,

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  • Software Asset Management – Your Quick Guide

    Software Asset Management (SAM) has always been one of the lesser-adopted processes within ITSM, which is odd considering it can potentially save an organisation thousands of pounds at the same

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  • Big Data – Why the Big Deal?

    With the recent explosion on the vast amount of data from all sources, digital and non, it would be a too big of a disappointment if any organisation miss this.

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  • Building a Smart City on Service Automation

    Many of the larger cities around the world have the ambition to become a ‘smart city.’ But what does that mean exactly? What is it that makes a city smart?

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  • Top 10 Considerations for ITSM Program Success

    A Checklist For ITSM Program Success

    When establishing an IT Service Management (ITSM) improvement program, the most common questions that arise tend to be: “How do we get started?” “What is

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  • Organisational Transformation

    Leading Organisational Transformation

    Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing wrong in change, if it is in the right direction.” Whether people perceive change is heading in the right direction or

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  • What makes a good Service Desk Manager?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Service Desk are truly the unsung heroes of IT. They speak to everyone, see everything and deal with everything from

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  • Business Capability Roadmapping

    What is Business Capability Roadmapping?

    Business Capability Roadmapping is a Business Relationship Management approach to aligning Business and IT strategies and imperatives. The techniques helps business relationship managers to:

    Capability conversations increase
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  • The ‘How’ of ITIL®

    Your organisation has begun its ITIL journey. You have invested in education so people understand what this thing called ITIL is all about, and perhaps some have gone beyond the

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  • Problem Management

    What is ITIL Problem Management? Whereas Incident Management is concerned with getting the Customer up and running again as quickly as possible, Problem Management deals with getting to the root cause
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  • What You Should Know about Risk Management

    Risk Management and the corresponding Management of Risk (MoR Framework) is intended to help organisations put in place an effective framework for taking informed decisions about the risks that affect

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  • What is an Improvement Kaizen?

    The Improvement Kaizen explained

    The improvement Kaizen is the most popular and visible form of Lean IT Kaizen within IT. Simply said: improvement Kaizen is about bringing together a group of

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  • Lean IT Value Streams – Making IT Better, Faster, Cheaper

    The IT industry is going through a profound shift based on market pressures it has, in one sense, helped to create. The speed and cultural expectations that have evolved from

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  • The Key Lean IT Principles You Need To Know

    Lean originates from the Toyota Production System (TPS), a system of delivering high quality products that meet customers’ requirements. The three basic elements of TPS are just-in-time production, focus on

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  • David Ratcliffe explains his views on the new Service Automation Framework

    David Ratcliffe, President of Pink Elephant, explains his views on the new Service Automation Framework.

    Service automation as a new framework, fills a vital gap within modern IT Services. As further

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  • The Service Automation Framework in 3 Minutes

    The Basics of Service Automation

    Service Automation the concept of delivering services through smart technology is a rapidly growing area of interest for most organisations. Companies such as Spotify, Netflix and

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  • The Difference Between Service Management and Service Automation

    Service Management

    Service Management (and ITSM in particular) is an important domain in almost every organisation. According to the most widely used definition, Service Management is a set of organisational resources

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  • The three Ks to remember of Lean IT

    Within the world of Lean IT, there are three main words used within the domain of improvement: Kaizen, Kaikaku and Kakushin. But what is exactly the difference? In this post,

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