The mission of your team is clear: launch a rocket with the MarsLander on board, bring it to Mars, and collect valuable data for Universities and Research Centers.

Your IT Teams’ challenge is to support the Mission Center, helping ensure they are able to achieve all mission goals. The Mission Director is managing the Mission Center and leads a team consisting of Flight Operation, Navigation and communication experts. These specialists manage the flight plan of the mission in accordance with mission goals and contractual agreements with the customers and suppliers.

The Mission Support Team consists of Support Engineers, Test Engineers, and Change Management. They will resolve all issues that occur during the mission. The Development Team develops and maintains applications, features, and application fixes. Vendors are supporting the Mission Support Team with data communication services and data storage services. The Service Manager will manage the Service Design, Service Delivery, and Service Improvement.

Why Choose a Simulation

Business simulations are experiential learning instruments based upon learning-by-doing. Serious game simulations place IT teams inside a realistic, exciting, virtual world and throw a host of problems and issues at them. How your team fares is dependent on applying relevant best practices and working together. Simulations are an important learning tool as they offer a risk-free environment, a face-to-face learning arena, and an engaging, interactive classroom where a complex and intangible business or IT concept is brought to life.

For many years now, simulations have used traditional gaming techniques and technologies to tackle complex concepts within, for example, the worlds of business, education, healthcare, and the military. The aim is to increase awareness, as well as improve orientation, education, and marketing for employees within a company. The virtual nature of the simulations provides a fun and exciting way to communicate content, train employees, model infrastructures, visualise processes, and much more.

What you will learn:

This simulation is about exploring and experiencing how you can transform your current IT organization into a more Agile and Lean organisation. The following aspects will be experienced and discussed:

  • How to create high performing teams?
  • How to translate the voice of the customer into value?
  • How can we visualise our work using KanBan?
  • How can we visualise value streams?
  • How can we increase the flow of work?
  • How can we integrate vendors into our services?
  • How to work closer together with development?
  • How to continuously improve our services by small incremental changes?
  • How to become a flexible service organisation that respond rapidly to changing demands?
  • How to become more customer-focused, and develop this ‘customer thinking’ into our teams?
  • How to effectively manage workload (end-to-end) and how to reduce unplanned work?
  • How to increase customer and employee satisfaction?
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