Backup/MonitoringAlert Management

Your Data & Network in safe hands

Backup/MonitoringAlert Management Your Data & Network in safe hands

Alert management is a crucial aspect of monitoring and support services. It involves dealing with alerts generated by monitoring systems in an efficient manner, ensuring that incidents are resolved promptly and minimising any potential downtime. 

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Alert Prioritisation: Our agents categorise alerts based on their severity and impact on your systems and services. This allows them to prioritise response efforts and focus on critical alerts that require immediate attention. Severity levels can range from low to high or can follow a customised classification based on the specific needs of your business. 

Alert Triage and Filtering: We eliminate false positives to reduce noise and enable clear analysis. By applying filters or rules, we automatically discard irrelevant or known non-critical alerts. This ensures that only actionable alerts reach the correct support team for investigation and further action. 

Escalation and Routing: We follow industry-recognised and pre-defined escalation and routing procedures, making sure that alerts are directed to the right teams or individuals responsible for handling specific types of issues. This streamlined approach allows for faster resolution by involving the right technical knowledge and expertise in a timely manner. 

Incident Management: Alerts indicating an actual or potential incident are treated as incidents themselves, with both flowing through a formal industry-recognised (ITIL) incident management process. This ensures that incidents are properly documented, tracked, and resolved systematically. 

Response and Resolution: Once an alert is received and categorised as an incident, our dedicated support team takes the necessary actions to investigate and resolve the issue. This typically involves analysing logs, reviewing system configurations, performing diagnostic tests, and engaging with vendors or other teams to resolve the problem. Our aim is to identify the root cause and implement a solution to restore normal operations as quickly as possible. 

Continual Service Improvement: At Pink Elephant, we leverage the insights gained from alert management to drive continuous service improvement. By analysing recurring or high-impact alerts, we identify underlying issues, patterns, or areas for optimisation. This information allows us to implement or recommend preventative measures, fine-tune monitoring thresholds, and suggest system and process improvements to minimise future incidents. 

Communication and Collaboration: Throughout the alert management process, our dedicated team maintains clear and transparent communication line with the associated business or service owners. We provide regular updates on the progress of incident resolution, notify you of any workarounds or temporary measures implemented, and share information on the expected time to resolution. Effective collaboration with your business and key stakeholders ensures alignment and a coordinated response. 

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