Backup/MonitoringNetwork Monitoring

Your Data & Network in safe hands

Backup/MonitoringNetwork Monitoring Your Data & Network in safe hands

At Pink Elephant, we offer a Network Monitoring service that encompasses proactive management, rapid troubleshooting, and the optimisation of your network infrastructure. Our service guarantees the reliability, performance, and security of your networks, enabling your business to maintain smooth operations and deliver high-quality services. 

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Network Device Monitoring: Our network monitoring tools track and collect data on a range of devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers. By monitoring device health, resource utilization (such as CPU, memory, and disk), connectivity status, and interface statistics (such as bandwidth usage, errors, and discards), we can identify potential bottlenecks, performance issues, or faulty components. Once an issue is detected through our advanced toolset, it is promptly investigated and addressed via our streamlined Incident Management process. 

Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: This service involves capturing and analysing network traffic patterns, flows, and protocols. This in-depth analysis provides valuable insights into bandwidth usage, application behaviour, traffic spikes, and potential security threats. We employ industry-standard tools such as NetFlow or sFlow, as well as DPI for packet capture analysis and inspection. This meticulous approach allows us to stay one step ahead of network vulnerabilities and ensure optimal performance. 

Alerts and Notifications: Through our industry-recognised monitoring tools, alerts and notifications are generated based on predefined thresholds, rule violations, or abnormal behaviours. These alerts trigger incidents which then flow through our incident management process, ensuring swift action and resolution. 

Capacity Planning and Bandwidth Management: These are critical aspects of our network monitoring service as they provide insights into bandwidth utilisation and trends. Our support teams or network administrators can then identify congestion points and proactively plan for capacity upgrades or optimisation. This proactive approach also assists in resource allocation and optimising Quality of Service (QoS), guaranteeing that the network meets both your current and future business requirements. 

Reporting and Analysis: Our reporting and analysis feature generates customisable visualisations that summarise network performance, availability, and security. These reports enable administrators and stakeholders to understand the network status, identify trends, make informed decisions regarding upgrades or improvements, and ensure that your network operates at its full potential. 

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