Fun, learning events that help businesses to train and transform your steam.

BusinessSimulations Fun, learning events that help businesses to train and transform your steam.

World-Class Learning

Moon missions, global retail challenges, and a chance to save priceless art from falling into the hands of criminal masterminds – all while learning about complex business and IT concepts that will help your business to transform and thrive. Enter into Pink Elephant’s virtual worlds to complete a series of fun challenges that bring the likes of ITSM, cyber security and DevOps to life.

Are You Being Serious?

Serious game simulations place a team of participants inside a realistic, exciting, virtual world and throw a host of problems and issues at them. How participants fare is dependent on applying relevant best practices and working together. Simulations are an important learning tool as they offer a risk-free environment, a face-to-face learning arena, and an engaging, interactive classroom where a complex and intangible business or IT concept is brought to life.

For many years now, simulations have used traditional gaming techniques and technologies to tackle complex concepts within, for example, the worlds of business, education, healthcare and the military. The aim is to increase awareness, as well as improve orientation, education and marketing for employees within a company. The virtual nature of the simulations provides a fun and exciting way to communicate content, train employees, model infrastructures, visualise processes, and much more.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of our serious game simulations:

  • MarsLander® Online a ITSM Simulation

    In this online business simulation workshop, you will be playing either a...

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  • MarsLander® a ITSM Simulation

    The mission of your team is clear: launch a rocket with the...

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  • The Phoenix Project a DevOps Simulation

    The only way to save the company and to make it competitive...

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  • Challenge of Egypt a AgilePM Simulation

    The Pharaoh has commanded for a great pyramid to be constructed in...

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  • Apollo 13 ITSM Simulation

    NASA’s Mission Control Center is in crisis over its next moon mission,...

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  • City Construct – Scrum

    Our client recently purchased a piece of land to build a new...

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