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Serious Games

Serious Games use traditional gamecraft techniques and technologies around serious and often complex concepts such as technology, business, education, environmental or social issues. The primary purpose of serious games is not entertainment, but a potentially serious benefit or outcome. Our Simulations leverage Serious Games to ‘bring to life’ potentially complex IT-related concepts such as cloud, virtualisation, transformation, ITIL and more, for the purposes of awareness, orientation, education and marketing. The virtual nature of serious games can provide an exciting way to communicate content, perform training, model infrastructures, visualise processes and much more.


Gamification is about applying elements of games to non-game activities to make them more compelling. Gamification leverages ‘game mechanics’ alongside game design to increase human interest and ultimately drive engagement. From a practical perspective, Gamification can be applied to any activity in which people are engaged, and can help drive desired behaviors within the context of the activity. From an IT enterprise perspective, these activities are wide-ranging and can include operations, communications and education-based tasks.

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