Apollo 13Simulation

Houston, We No Longer Have A Problem

Apollo 13Simulation Houston, We No Longer Have A Problem

Can you and fellow participants enter the virtual world of the NASA Mission Control Center and successfully launch a rocket to the moon? You will need to support the space crew and ensure a successful space flight, as well as realise the mission’s strategic goals. There will be plenty of unforeseen events and problems along the way, and the only way you can ensure the success of the mission is by applying ITSM best practices.

Why An Apollo 13 ITSM Simulation?

Serious game simulations place participants inside a realistic, exciting, virtual world and task them with a series of challenges. It is a risk-free environment, a face-to-face learning arena, and an engaging, interactive classroom where a business or IT concept is brought to life in a fun and dynamic way.

A failure to apply ITSM best practices correctly can seriously affect a business, and many organisations are not reaping the hoped-for value that ITSM is capable of delivering. Globally, organisations recognise the importance of IT for its survival and success but, sadly, huge investments in ITSM training and certification has not translated knowledge into results. The Apollo 13 serious game simulation brings the intangible and complex ITSM best practices to life and enables participants to actively apply what they’ve learnt. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take on the challenge of commanding a rocket to the moon!

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How Will A Space Mission Improve Understanding Of ITSM?

The number one reason for ITSM initiatives failing is ABC: Attitude, Behaviour, and Culture. There is too little attention paid when dealing with creating buy-in, overcoming resistance and empowering people to change within an organisation. Many organisations see ITSM improvements as ‘implementation projects’ and fail to embed Continual Service Improvement (CSI) as a core capability within the culture of the organisation.

Also, IT is too internally focused, meaning that organisations often forget to focus on the customer and the business. Furthermore, there is not enough focus on aligning processes to business needs, and not enough ability to measure and demonstrate the value.

This space mission scenario, while on one level quite fantastical, offers participants a realistic environment that throws up these ABC problems, which can only be solved by applying ITSM best practices.

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This Apollo 13 ITSM Simulation Will:

  • Improve participants’ ITSM performance.
  • Increase participants’ customer and service focus.
  • Complement and enhance participants’ ITSM/ITIL training.
  • Teach participants’ how to improve processes to realise the demonstrated value and reduce business risk.


The learning objectives can be tailored to your organisation, but the general ones are:

  • Learn how to apply ITSM best practices and learn the essence of ITSM.
  • Learn how to measure and improve your performance.
  • Learn how to stay customer-focused and set the right priorities based on customer impact.
  • Develop communications and team competences.
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