ITIL Process Re-Engineering

ITIL Process Re-Engineering

Accelerate your ITIL Process Re-Engineering initiative, and generate some quick wins that are highly visible to your customersWhether you have an existing process in place or an informal set of operational activities, a facilitated workshop approach is a practical, fast and effective way of identifying issues, bottlenecks and areas for process improvement.

Your existing process activities will be compared against good practice ITIL processes, but we will also examine what you need to meet ‘your’  business requirements – we won’t be slaves to ITIL. Within the workshop setting, we will examine your customer requirements from the process in question and analyse each part of the process, looking for efficiencies and setting you on the path to continuous improvement. With the help of our IT Service Management experts, we will design a leaner, more efficient and effective process with you.

Benefits of an ITIL approach

If you understand the need for good process, you will hopefully already understand the key benefits an ITIL approach will bring. Aside from a common language and common approach, which aids communication across technical silos, it also promotes defined, documented, repeatable and auditable working practices.

Benefits of a Consulting Workshop Approach

  • ITIL training courses tell you ‘what’ to do – these workshops show you ‘how’ to do it
  • Rapidly gain knowledge, related to process maturity which will help you to understand your current process gaps, for quick win identification and incremental improvement opportunities
  • Manage your ITIL Process Re-Engineering actions with comprehensive project templates
  • Save money and hundreds of hours of process documentation effort by leveraging Pink’s detailed consulting templates and overview presentations
  • Benefit from Pink’s consulting expertise and extensive experience that enhance the process-rich documentation available
  • Use the workshop as a communication vehicle and teambuilding exercise
  • Provides detailed level education on specific ITSM processes

What Does A Pink Elephant Workshop Include?

A Pink Elephant Expert Service Management consultant will facilitate the workshop at a location of your choice. They will deliver information to support the effective review of the existing process and provide best practice expertise in improvements that can be made. They will utilise our standard tool kit of process information that includes:

  • Process Overview
  • High Level Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Process Flow Charts
  • Management Information – CSFs, KPIs etc
  • RACI Matrix
  • Job Descriptions
  • Tool Requirements
  • Process Specific elements. e.g Incident Management Categorisation
  • Model, Escalation Model, Defining Impact & Urgency etc.
  • A Project Charter
  • Sample Project Work Breakdown Structure
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Our tool kit combines ready-to-use, implementation-proven process design documents, and combines the power of our vast ITSM reference library and our 20 years of ITIL expertise to provide you with clear, concise and easily customisable documentation. This will help you to define your desired future state and identify how to achieve it, whilst accelerating the speed at which you can implement identified improvements.

The duration of these workshops will vary, based upon a number of variable factors such as the scope and complexity of your organisation, and the project you are undertaking. The number of participants you wish to be involved in the workshop will also impact upon the time that will be required to deliver a successful event. We recommend between 2-5 days per process and will assess each request based upon the above criteria.

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