ITSM ProcessAssessment

Measure the maturity of your Service Management processes.

ITSM ProcessAssessment Measure the maturity of your Service Management processes.


PinkScan is Pink Elephant’s ITSM Process Assessment & Benchmarking Service. You can measure as few or as many processes as deemed fit for purpose.

PinkScan an independent, objective assessment of ITSM Process maturity, as compared to ITIL® Best Practices. Measurement is indispensable to good management, especially in today’s competitive environment, and more than ever, IT needs to deliver efficient and cost-effective services to the business. Whether the driver is internal service improvement, achieving a quality standard, or meeting compliance regulations, having a benchmark of the current state is essential for any improvement programme. This baseline is the point from which future improvements and progress can be measured. The standard PinkScan assessment service provides a baseline of the maturity of ITSM processes and, allows informed decisions to be made to drive continual service improvement.

The PinkScan Maturity Model

PinkScan employs a maturity scale of 1-5, based on the Capability Maturity Model developed by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. The CMM model of expressing process maturity has become the definitive reference in the industry. Pink Elephant was the first organisation to specifically use CMM to assess IT Service Management processes. CMM with specific application to IT Service Management is also referenced in the ITIL publication “Planning to implement IT Service management” and by external organisations such as ISACA in their use of COBiT & Gartner Research (see tutorial paper TU-17-374S).

The PinkScan Service

A target benchmark is agreed, and once the assessment is complete a Gap Analysis is performed which highlights priority areas and processes for improvement.

The ITSM Process Assessment is conducted through structured interviews with operational and strategic personnel. A view of your IT service management organisation is obtained and the cultural climate is also considered. Based upon the interviews, our experience, and extensive ITIL knowledge-base an assessment report is produced which provides the baseline maturity levels of each process in scope and observations of current operations. The report also contains detailed recommendations on how to mature your processes, and how to demonstrate tangible improvements in service to the business.

The report is the critical output from PinkScan. We will detail what needs to be done to each process to bring it up to the agreed benchmark level. So for example, if Incident Management scores a 2, and the required benchmark is 3, you will receive a list of action points needed to be completed to raise its level.

In addition, we will also detail Quick Wins – things that you can do quickly, at low cost, and which will be ‘visible’ to your customers.

These recommendations should form the basis of any planned Service Improvement Programme or ITIL Implementation project. The PinkSCAN service is totally independent of all hardware and software suppliers. Therefore, there will be NO hidden agenda in any of the recommendations other than to improve process.

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