Service Management

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management best practice.

This comprehensive official ITIL lifecycle certification course will provide you with the knowledge and management principles required to formulate IT service strategy and the organizational capability to provide the vision and forward direction for Service Management. Attend this course to understand a practical approach to the processes and functions required to move an IT organization from a focus on technology to a strategic approach to managing the Service Portfolio and the ITIL processes necessary to deliver value to the business.

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The course

What You Will Learn
Understand and apply the following core Service Strategy principles:
o Dynamics and forces impacting IT management
o Defining services and how services can deliver value to the customer market spaces
o The impact of external markets, customer requirements and continual service improvement on the Service Strategy
o Organization structures and provider types supporting an IT Value Network
o Defining and managing the relationship between business and IT services and the demand for those services
o Defining customer value creation
o Defining and managing IT financial measures for success
o The strategic benefits of service based costing and recovery
o Conducting strategic assessments and dealing with market uncertainty
o A practical approach to creating a Service Management strategy

Review of Service Strategy processes, and their associated roles, responsibilities, challenges, risks and critical success factors, including:
o Strategy Management for IT Services
o Service Portfolio Management
o Financial Management
o Demand Management
o Business Relationship Management

Driving strategy through the Service Lifecycle
o How to measure Service Strategy and create return on investment

Target group

The training ITIL® Classroom is designed to provide insight into the basic processes of Service Management, understanding, and is therefore especially suitable for:

supervisory staff
team leaders
IT consultants
IT audit managers
IT security managers
Any IT professional involved in the management of service strategy

Knowledge Objective

  • Acquire the knowledge and management principles needed to formulate IT service strategy and the organizational capability to provide the vision and forward direction for Service Management
  • Develop an IT Service Strategy aligned with the business strategies and goals
  • Define enterprise IT policies around standards and architectures
  • Improve the financial transparency of IT service costs and usage
  • Tie IT Strategy decisions to service and process investment priorities
  • Plan the IT Service Lifecycle from concept to retirement
  • Integrate Service and Project Portfolio Management practices
  • Improving utilization of internal and external service providers
  • Redefine the relationship of the three types of Service Providers
  • Define and manage strategic risk by the use of a Business Impact Analysis (BIAs) across the Service Lifecycle

ITIL Intermediate Certificate in Service Strategy

Prior knowledge

ITIL® Foundations


3 days. -

Generic course information

Pink Elephant is globally accredited to provide ITIL education for the certification program. The organization is accredited by the Examination Institute for Information Science (EXIN) and Loyalist Certification Services (LCS).

Your instructor is a highly experienced ITIL-certified member of Pink Elephant’s consulting team. Further, he or she is qualified to teach this course as defined by Pink Elephant’s internal Certified Trainer Program. You can expect to learn from an individual with the industry’s deepest knowledge on how to lead a successful implementation project. This knowledge is a direct result of Pink Elephant’s vendor neutrality – as well as many years of experience implementing ITIL processes in a variety of organizations worldwide.

Examination requirements

Exam, Certifications & Awards
This course prepares participants for the examination leading to the ITIL Intermediate Certificate: Service Strategy. A 90-minute exam is scheduled on the last day of the course. It consists of eight multiple choice, scenario-based, gradient scored questions. To help prepare attendees for the final exam, a sample exam is delivered during the course. A passing mark of 70% is required to receive your certificate (3 ITIL credits).


Training costs: £ 1019,-


All prices include course materials, complimentary publications (where appropriate), refreshments throughout the day, lunch and exam fee, but exclude VAT.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

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  • 18-03-2019 Classroom Monday Reading £ 1019
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