From Cherwell

A Guide to Service Desk KPIs and Metrics

From Cherwell

A Guide to Service Desk KPIs and Metrics

Establish the right ITSM metrics for your team—and your business

Your service desk KPIs and metrics are essential in achieving not only your own IT team’s goals, but also the business outcomes your team is responsible for delivering. Yet many IT teams (possibly yours included) struggle to develop and implement metrics that truly move the needle.

The good news? Creating the right portfolio of metrics is not as daunting as it may seem.

In this guide, you’ll uncover:

    • The most commonly-adopted IT service desk metrics
    • Common mistakes made by IT teams when developing ITSM KPIs and metrics
    • Recent business trends that require a re-assessment of traditional service desk metrics
    • The impacts of self-service, automation, and artificial intelligence on ITSM metrics and KPIs

Get your Definitive Guide to Service Desk KPIs and Metrics, so you can be confident your metrics portfolio is well aligned with both your team’s resources, as well as the goals of your organisation.

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