Service Request Catalogues Guidance

Service Request Catalogues Guidance

Taken from Eddie Potts White Paper on Service Request Catalogues.

Download the full white paper HERE

Request fulfilment is very simple, but simple is not always the same as easy!

A Service Request Catalogue represents the tip of the iceberg that is visible to the Users. However, for each Service Request type, effort is required to define the Request Model that is necessary to be able to fulfil the request.

A Request Model is a repeatable way of dealing with a category of Service Request. A Request Model defines the specific agreed steps, responsibilities, times scales and thresholds and escalation procedures that will be followed for a Service Request of this category as depicted below

Request models may be very simple, with no requirement for authorisation such as a password reset or may be more complex with many steps that require authorisation such as joiners, movers and leaver requests.

For planning purposes, we estimate that for each Request Model, it takes

  • Half a day to map the model
  • Half a day to document and agree the module
  • Half a day to configure the ITSM tooling

Service Requests Catalogues initially may contain dozens and ultimately hundreds of Service Request types. Given that that multiple people may be required to define and implement each Service Request type, significant time is required to implement a Service Request Catalogue. This is often underestimated!
Download the full White paper on Service Request Catalogues Implementation



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