The Current Status Of DevOps

The Current Status Of DevOps

IT industry experts and forecasters are all talking about it – the time for DevOps is now. Where is your organization with regards to applying DevOps? Are you on par with your peers?

An infographic published by Forrester Research shows that 90% of the DevOps professionals surveyed say their organizations have either implemented DevOps (13%), implemented and are expanding DevOps (50%) or are planning to implement DevOps within the next 12 months (27%).

Subsequent to this significant survey, TechBeacon published 8 DevOps Trends to Watch in 2018, noting that,” Last year was an incredible period for the wide-scale adoption of DevOps, as the acceptance of DevOps principles reached critical mass in the hearts and minds of many in IT.” The article went onto say that although many organizations are adopting aspects of DevOps, “there’s a difference between accepting principles and putting them into action”.

That’s where we can help.

As major proponents of DevOps, Pink Elephant is committed to not just helping you learn, but will also provide clear guidance on how to effectually apply DevOps. Our DevOps Foundation certification course provides a comprehensive, content-rich and unique perspective of DevOps through the ‘Full Stack’ of culture and practices.

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