We believe that people and IT are the strategic assets of tomorrows leading companies.

Company Overview

We believe that people and IT are the strategic assets of tomorrows leading companies.

Company Overview

Pink Elephant is an international knowledge leader in the field of business innovation and business change. With advisory and IT services, Pink Elephant draws the best out of its clients, by translating knowledge and creativity of the people in these organisations into tangible results.

Since its foundation in 1980, Pink Elephant recognises an important synergy between company objectives and the knowledge and entrepreneurship of people, as well as the way in which IT contributes significantly to making innovation possible and to the increasing power of discernment in the market. Pink Elephant operates in more than 20 countries and provides business and management consultancy and other services, such as Enterprise Services, IT Services and Education Services.

Our Services

The services of Pink Elephant consist of three domains in which we help clients with the translation of business goals to IT and deliver solutions that:

  • Consultancy to improve and support business processes;
  • Deliver people, knowledge, IT processes and activities which considerably increase the quality and efficiency of the IT services;
  • Deliver assessments and training to evaluate and improve the knowledge of the employees.

Our Focus

Pink Elephant enables clients to translate the knowledge and creativity within their organisation into results. Part of this is the intensive collaboration with a dynamic and innovative partner ecosystem.

Transformation and Technology

In an age where technological developments come rapidly, business transformation is essential. Many organisations are limited in their change processes because their IT and business processes are not flexible enough. Pink Elephant delivers people, tools and methods to allow organisations to start their business transformation process.

Pink Elephant also functions as a technology radar that helps organisations realise their objectives at a strategic level. Using market-focused business applications, training, and consultancy, the synergy between man and technology is improved and IT projects are transformed into business projects. With Pink Elephant as a partner, businesses can adopt a strategic approach to realising their future with the right people, business information, and innovative technology.

An eye on the future

Human knowledge and creativity are the basis for rapid innovation and a future-focused business strategy. Pink Elephant’s consultants and experts will gladly support your company in more effectively shaping your internal organisation as well as your IT infrastructure, enabling them to fully contribute to your business objectives.

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