Service CatalogueScoping and Strategy

Service CatalogueScoping and Strategy

Service Catalogue Scoping and Strategy Workshop

A Service Catalogue is one of the most powerful and visible tools available to an IT department and should support its work in many ways.

It can be used to define what an IT department does (and does not) offer, it can be used as a way to educate business users on supported service hours and associated terms and conditions. It can be used as a sales and marketing tool between business and IT to negotiate effective and meaningful SLAs and it is used to underpin an IT Service Continuity strategy by detailing exactly what it is that needs to be restored in the case of a disaster.

Although a Service Catalogue is a highly desirable, failure to address key questions at an early stage can lead to long delays or unworkable products being developed at great expense.

During the course of the consultancy engagement, the Pink Elephant consultant will impart an understanding of exactly what a service catalogue is to the client. Identify candidate services for inclusions within the tool, as well as creating a service catalogue scoping document that answers certain fundamental questions for the client.


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Benefits of a Consulting Workshop Approach

A Pink Elephant Expert Service Management consultant will facilitate the workshop at a location of your choice. They will deliver information to support the effective review of the existing process and provide best practice expertise in improvements that can be made. They will utilise our standard tool kit of process information that includes:

  • Tailored Service Catalogue Scoping Document, including 3 sample services
  • Documented and agreed definition of a service for the organisation
  • Identified & documented organisation specific services (Approx 10-15) for later inclusion within the Service Catalogue
  • Sample Service Catalogue Templates
  • Sample Service Specification Sheet
  • Sample Service Catalogue Tool requirements
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