Software Asset Management Assessment

Software Asset Management Assessment

Reduce Costs and Risk, and Regain Control
SAMScan is Pink Elephant’s Software Asset Management Assessment.

Throughout the last two decades we have continued to build, buy and hire IT infrastructure without strong governance structures, long term plans or financial goals other than “spend your budget or else you won’t get as much next year.”

Now we have come full circle, resources are scarce and cost saving is once again the focus. It is time to realise that we can no longer afford excess capacity, redundancy and inefficient processes. An ethos of Continual Service Improvement and the realisation that going “Green” also means reducing waste in delivering IT services and the processes that are critical for their efficient delivery, are now the common drivers.

Why Software Asset Management (SAM)?
Understanding and controlling an organisation’s software licences has traditionally been seen as a black art. Until recently the prevailing attitude of many companies with regards to Software Asset Management could best be described as ‘Ignorance is Bliss!’

Take these basic questions:

1)      What do we have installed in our environment?

2)      What are we supposed (legally licensed for) to have in our environment?

3)      How many people are actively using that software?

4)      Who is using that software?

5)      Are they supposed to be using the software?

A simple set of questions and yet many organisations would find it difficult to answer them comprehensively.  Implemented effectively, SAM can substantially reduce an organisations software costs and mitigate the risk of failing a compliance audit.

The benefits of Pink Elephant’s  Software Asset Management Assessment are twofold:

  • Compliance: A considerable benefit as the maximum penalty for an organisation convicted of software piracy is considerable. A six figure fine was levied by the BSA against a UK ‘northern based travel company’ in recent months.  In addition to the fine the company in question had to purchase legal copies of the software resulting in additional costs of more than £100,000.  The ultimate sanctions applicable to an organisation found to be running software illegally can see the members of the board being jailed for up to 10 years for breach of copyright.
  • Cost: SAM is an initiative that not only pays for itself quickly, but is also easily quantifiable in monetary terms.

If there is one area of IT Service Management where you can realise the benefits in terms of costs savings, quickly, it is software asset management.

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