Storage Management

Storage Management

Storage Management - Backup and Recovery

This element of operations is responsible for the control and management of all aspects of information storage and retrieval and includes all the processes and mechanisms necessary to ensure that the appropriate levels of storage, protection, access, and retrieval are available and used for ICT information. A more comprehensive explanation of this area is contained in Annex 4D it has close involvement with and underpins the operations of the Capacity, Availability and IT Service Continuity Management. which consist of:

Storage management and allocation: This activity manages all aspects of the management, allocation, and housekeeping of media and information storage. It involves aspects of policy-making and implementation as well as the control and management of media movements.

System backup recovery: Backup and recovery are complementary in the sense that backup is almost always scheduled in advance and recovery is usually reactive and unscheduled. This means that there is rarely a pressing need for a backup whereas there is nearly always a pressing reason for restore. The more thought that is put into backup and recovery policies and strategies, in advance, the less disruption and damage the procedure will cause.

Information management: Would include the use of the document and hierarchical information management systems. This process should ensure that the right information is stored in the appropriate media, with the right level of access and speed of retrieval.

Database management and administration: is responsible for the regular management and administrative tasks necessary for the support and maintenance of all operational databases.


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