Knowledge24: The Future of AI with ServiceNow

Knowledge24: The Future of AI with ServiceNow

Knowledge24: The Future of AI with ServiceNow

By Ramond Keesmekers, Head of Technology and Misha Macinski, Head of Consultancy

Pink Elephant’s intrepid Heads of Technology and Consultancy landed in vibrant Las Vegas to attend Knowledge24, the huge annual conference hosted by ServiceNow. Three keynotes, 20 workshops, and 60,000 steps later, Ramond Keesmekers and Misha Macinski recap what they have learnt and seen.

Attending the ServiceNow Knowledge24 conference in Las Vegas was an electrifying experience, filled with groundbreaking announcements, insightful keynotes, and a palpable sense of community among all 18,000 attendees. We explored new features in Field Service Management, Service Portfolio Management, IT Service Management, and more. GenAI was a recurring theme, showing us a future where collaboration with AI enhances productivity. Picture-to-workflow features, as demonstrated in the second day’s keynote, were particularly exciting.

Generative AI Integration: ServiceNow and Microsoft

ServiceNow made waves with their announcement of new AI-powered solutions, including an expanded partnership with Microsoft. Now Assist will integrate with Microsoft Copilot, creating a seamless interaction between the two AI assistants across various platforms. This collaboration aims to supercharge productivity for employees and IT teams alike, revolutionising the way we work.

AI is the Future, and the Future is Now

Themed ‘Put AI to Work for People’, Knowledge24 focused on AI’s transformative potential. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that global spending on AI solutions will soar past $500 billion by 2027. ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott emphasised that generative AI (GenAI) is set to reengineer business processes and workflows across industries. Keynote speakers underscored the power of intelligent workflows, with GenAI and Now Assist enhancing every solution on the platform, providing a competitive edge and boosting efficiency. During the CreatorCon keynote, demos showcased how GenAI within Microsoft Copilot can streamline processes rapidly and effectively.

AI will not Replace Human Creativity

Despite AI’s rapid advancements, human creativity remains irreplaceable. Technology is a tool to augment human capabilities, not replace them. Discussions at the event highlighted the balance between technology and human creativity. AI can handle repetitive tasks, freeing humans to focus on more creative and meaningful work.

Collaboration: The Key to Success

ServiceNow extended its partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft and NVIDIA, aiming to strengthen business success through shared expertise and resources. The importance of collaboration was echoed by special guest Viola Davis, who emphasised mutual support and learning. This sentiment was further reflected in the new developer sandboxes announced at CreatorCon, which facilitate real-time collaboration among team members.

Women Techies on the Rise

Knowledge 2024 featured numerous sessions dedicated to women in tech, drawing impressive turnout and engagement. ServiceNow Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Gina Mastantuono highlighted the importance of networking and celebrating women’s achievements in technology.

A Celebration of ServiceNow Partners

ServiceNow Partners were celebrated enthusiastically, with Erica Volini leading the charge. The event was a hub for networking and learning, showcasing the journeys of various organisations like the London Stock Exchange Group (a Pink Elephant customer) and their strategic use of the ServiceNow platform.

Final Thoughts

Beyond the tech, Knowledge24 was a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with other customers and partners. The event felt almost like a cult, with passionate attendees eager to share the platform’s value. We felt within a whirlwind of innovation, learning, and collaboration, and managed to enjoy some of the excellent ServiceNow hospitality too. Here’s to leveraging AI and human creativity for a brighter, more productive future!

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