Consulting Services

Consulting Services

How Can Pink Elephant Consulting Expertise Help You and Your Organisation?

How and when to use external resources are very important decisions that can either fast track you on the way to achieving your desired results, or end with you wasting a great deal of money with little to no real lasting impact or value for your investment.

Trusted Advisors

Pink’s Consultants fulfill a trusted advisor role to your IT Management project with strategic, tactical, and operational knowledge, skills and experience at the right place and at the right time to assist you towards achieving your improvement goals.

We can support your IT Service Management (ITSM) improvement project in a variety of different roles.

Working with established teams to support the design and documentation of specific ITSM processes.
We can engage at any phase of your project lifecycle with guidance, leadership and subject matter expertise to support ITSM improvement projects.
Support, advice and direction for senior ITSM Leaders embarking on strategic initiatives such as: visioning; policy making; IT governance design; IT value justification; critical path planning.

Achieving Results That Matter

Pink Elephant is recognized as the global leader in assisting organisations to understand ITSM and improve their ITSM operations.

Achieving results that matter is the ultimate goal of any ITSM improvement task or project! Whether your objectives are focused on targeted short-term improvements or your organisation has envisioned a full transformation program, the building blocks (people, process and technology) remain the same.

At Pink Elephant our goal is to assist and advise you to turn your knowledge of ITSM practices into meaningful results. We have learned critical lessons on how to do this from the hundreds of organisations we have worked with – worldwide – over the past 20 years. Based on this practical experience we have developed an approach that can be right sized to your organisation’s objectives and resources.

Pink Elephant’s ITSM Transformation Approach

In our view you need to take a full transformation lifecycle approach to translate ITSM knowledge into meaningful and valuable results. The lifecycle model you see below provides a brief glimpse into how Pink Elephant can support your organisation in adopting, implementing and improving your ITSM strategy.

We adapt, size and enter at the appropriate point of this model based on your needs as well as your capabilities to support your organization’s specific requirements.

As trusted advisors our experienced consultants are responsible for enabling and supporting project sponsors, process owners, project managers, and internal process teams by providing advice, proven methods, and a host of resources and online tools from our experience with past project successes.

To see some of our success stories have a look at our case studies

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