ITIL®: What’s New In ITIL 4

ITIL®: What’s New In ITIL 4

When it comes to ITIL and IT Service Management, Pink continues to stand out! After 25 years and four versions of ITIL, Pink Elephant is still the one everyone looks to first. Over the years, no other organisation has been as deeply entrenched and influential in ITIL as Pink Elephant (we don’t call ourselves “the ITIL experts” for nothing!). And, once again we are in the thick of things with ITIL 4.

Pink Elephant has worked very closely with AXELOS in the run-up to ITIL 4’s launch in February 2019 at Pink19! We’re proud to say that since the very first ITIL book was published in the mid-80s, we’ve been providing input, authoring books, developing courses, and leading the way. NO OTHER organisation has been as deeply entrenched and influential in ITIL as Pink and we are equally passionate about the development and release of ITIL 4.

ITIL 4 builds on what you already know. Used by thousands of organizations around the world, ITIL is globally accepted as the best practice standard for IT Service Management. With ITIL, organisations can:

  • Align IT services with business priorities to achieve strategic objectives
  • Increase value to the service portfolio while reducing costs and risk
  • Increase the competencies, capabilities, and productivity of IT staff and better utilize the skills and experience of staff
  • Improve user and customer satisfaction with IT as well as the end-user perception and brand image Framework integration.
  • No longer is it possible to say that one particular set of practices on its own is better than another.
  • ITIL 4 provides a holistic end-to-end picture that integrates frameworks such as Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps.

The ITIL Service Value System

Core to ITIL v3 was a set of 26 processes and functions arranged in a five-step Service Lifecycle consisting of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement. ITIL 4 has taken a different approach, with a Service Value System (SVS) that demonstrates how opportunity/demand is turned into value. It consists of a set of guiding principles, governance, service value chain activities, a set of 34 practices, and continual improvement.

Figure 1: The ITIL Service Value System. Image credit: AXELOS

The ITIL Service Value Chain The central element of the Service Value System is the Service Value Chain, an operating model that outlines the key activities required to respond to demand and facilitate business value through the creation and management of products and services.

Figure 2: The Service Value Chain. Image credit: AXELOS.

Why the need for this model? The Service Value Chain is designed to be more flexible than ITIL v3’s Service Lifecycle and includes Service Value Streams within it that may interact across the different Service Value Chain activities as necessary.


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