Service Desk Assessment

Service Desk Assessment

How does your Service Desk compare to your industry peers? Benchmarking your Service Desk performance against your peers will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and enables you to take targeted actions to make your Service Desk more efficient, productive and competitive. Pink Elephant are pleased to offer you insight in the performance of your Service Desk by inviting you to our free, online assessment about your Service Desk. The Service Desk Assessment consists of only 16 questions (the full standard comprises 226 questions) covering specific elements of your Service Desk such as: leadership, resources, people and process management. You’re only a few clicks away from a valuable insight into your Service Desk…

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Free consultation: how to improve your Service Desk?

Once you have completed the Service Desk Assessment, Pink Elephant will provide you with a 1-hour free consultation with one of our experts. During this consultation we will discuss your response, compare it to your industry peers and provide you with impartial advice on how to improve your Service Desk!

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