Kanban Foundation E-Learning

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Duration: 12 months
Price: £999

This course will help learners to describe the benefits and principles of Kanban. Moreover, it will explain how workflows are optimized in practice with the help of Kanban tools. In addition, the impact of Kanban culture in the organization will be analyzed and some areas of concern when scaling Kanban.

The Japanese word ‘kanban’, means ‘visual board’ or ‘sign’. Kanban was developed after World War II by Taiichi Ohno and applied at Toyota as a system for just-in-time manufacturing. In the years after 2000, Kanban methodology was no longer just applied to manufacturing, but also to software development, product and service development, IT operation, human resources, marketing, sales, and anywhere else where processes can be improved.

Kanban has six core practices:

• Visualize the flow of work
• Limit work-in-progress (WIP)
• Manage the flow
• Make process policies explicit
• Implement feedback loops
• Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally

This certification focuses on understanding the principles of Kanban and applying them in practice with the help of Kanban tools.

Includes quizzes, student materials and an official trial exam – No additional resources are required – everything that you need to understand the concepts and principles is included. The official exam is also provided in the price of this course.

Kanban Foundation® certification is governed by the exam institute EXIN. All rights reserved.

Learning outcomes

The EXIN Kanban Foundation certification validates a candidate’s knowledge on:

• The benefits of Kanban
• Continuous improvement
• Implementing Kanban
• Scaling Kanban

Course Outline
  • Module 1: Kanban Foundation Introduction
  • Module 2: Benefits of Kanban
  • Module 3: Continuous improvement
  • Module 4: Implementing Kanban
  • Module 5: Scaling Kanban
  • Module 6: Wrap Up and Review
  • Module 7: Trial Exam

There are no mandatory prerequisites.

Exam Information

Number of questions: 40 Multiple-choice questions
Pass mark: 65%
Duration: 60 minutes
Closed book

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