VeriSM™ Foundation E-Learning

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Duration: 12 months
Price: £749

VeriSM™ helps organisations understand and respond to the challenges of service management in the digital age. It creates a service management model in which all of the organisations’ capabilities and responsibilities are deployed in the delivery of superior service.

VeriSM™ is an enterprise service management approach for the digital age, focusing on the view of service management. The VeriSM™ model allows organizations to produce and deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers, whilst allowing for customization and alignment to the type of business, the size of the organiSation, business priorities, organizational culture, and even the nature of the individual project or service.

  • Get your VeriSM Foundation certificate at your own pace
  • One year of access
  • Fully accredited
  • Includes quizzes, exercises, study guides.
  • Tutor support available via email
  • Exam voucher

In the VeriSM™ model, governance and service management principles are relatively stable elements, only changing when the needs of the organization change. The Management Mesh is flexible and is adjusted as required for products and services, for example to integrate a new management practice or a new technology. In four stages the product or service is defined, produced, provided and supported (Define, Produce, Provide and Respond).

VeriSM™ is a registered trademark of IFDC.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand what are the main areas of an organization and how to optimize the ecosystem
  • Ability to establish and improve effective organizational governance
  • Evaluate emerging technologies and their benefits and impacts to the business
  • Understand how the Digital Transformation can positively impact the Service Management of an organization
  • Define and evaluate if an organization has a service or a product culture
  • Be able to enhance your leadership skills for the Digital Era
  • Learn new methods to deal with business and customer challenges to achieve success
  • Improve the internal and external communication across teams and customers
  • Understand how to face and get the best from organizational changes
Course Outline

VeriSM Foundation is for anyone who works with (or wants to work with) products and services enabled by technology. It’s an ideal entry-level for those wanting to work in IT, service management or with digital services.

Exam Infomation:

Duration:  90 min
Number of questions: 30 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark: 65%
Open book: Yes


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