SIAM® Foundation E-Learning

SIAM® Foundation E-Learning

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Type of training: e-Learning
Duration: 60 days
Training costs: £ 799

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Service Management

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a methodology used to manage multiple service providers and to integrate them seamlessly to provide a single business-facing IT organisation.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) also has a synonym: multi-sourcing integration (MSI). Within the scope of this certification, only the term Service Integration and Management is used.

The course

The BCS EXIN SIAM® Foundation tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the core principles. This SIAM® certification covers themes such as: potential benefits as well as the challenges and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management.

The SIAM® certification also includes examples of implementation structures, governance, tooling and data considerations and the common processes used in a SIAM ecosystem. A candidate who successfully completes the BCS EXIN SIAM® Foundation knows how Service Integration and Management delivers business value and is able to contribute to the implementation and use of SIAM in an organisation.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Service Integration and an understanding of bringing together multiple service providers to strive for a common goal, in order to support the client organisations’ agreed objectives for service delivery.

Target group

The training SIAM is designed to provide insight into the basic processes of Service Management, understanding, and is therefore especially suitable for:

This certification is aimed at professionals worldwide who have an interest in the practices of Service Integration and Management or that want to implement this methodology in an organisation in particular those professionals who are already working with IT Service Management processes. Furthermore this SIAM® certification is intended for providers that want to implement and manage Service Integration and Management models.

Knowledge Objective

  • Introduction to Service Integration and Management (SIAM)
  • SIAM implementation roadmap
  • SIAM and its relation to other management practices
  • SIAM roles and responsibilities
  • SIAM practices
  • Processes to support SIAM
  • SIAM challenges and risks

SIAM Foundation Certificate

Prior knowledge

This course does not require any existing knowledge of SIAM. Knowledge of IT service management terminology is recommended, for example ITIL® or ISO/IEC 20000.


60 days. -

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Lesson 1: Introduction to SIAM
Lesson 2: Purpose and value
Lesson 3: The SIAM ecosystem
Lesson 4: SIAM structures
Lesson 5: SIAM roadmap part 1
Lesson 6: SIAM roadmap part 2
Lesson 7: SIAM roadmap part 3
Lesson 8: SIAM roadmap part 4
Lesson 9: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 1
Lesson 10: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 2
Lesson 11: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 3
Lesson 12: SIAM practices part 1
Lesson 13: SIAM practices part 2
Lesson 14: Processes part 1
Lesson 15: Processes part 2
Lesson 16: Challenges and risks part 1
Lesson 17: Challenges and risks part 2
Lesson 18: Challenges and risks part 3
Lesson 19: SIAM and other practices part 1
Lesson 20: SIAM and other practices part 2
Lesson 21: Exam preparation

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Cost & Packages

Description Cost
Training costs £799


Price is excluding VAT.

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