New Data Analytics course

New Data Analytics course

Pink Elephant joins forces with EXIN to launch new Data Analytics course

Transform your career with the power of data

Pink Elephant is excited to announce the launch of a new Data Analytics Foundation course, certified by EXIN. Transform data into your competitive advantage with this new certification, available as a self-paced online learning course in our award-winning Pink Portal.  

Turn Data into Insights

Uncover hidden patterns and trends within mountains of data. With our certification, you’ll grasp the fundamental concepts of data analytics and learn to outline the data analysis process. Plus, you’ll be equipped to understand and mitigate the risks involved in data analytics, ensuring you make informed, strategic decisions.

Collect, Organise, and Manage Data

Pink Elephant’s Data Analytics Foundation course also covers how to efficiently collect and manage data. You’ll learn to source public data, ensure compliance with data laws, and understand the importance of various data types. You will also learn about distributed file systems and the advantages of cloud solutions, making your data management process seamless and efficient.

Master the Art of Data Cleaning

This Data Analytics certification teaches you cutting-edge methods and techniques for data scrubbing. Understand the key considerations for data retention and ensure your data is always accurate, relevant, and ready for analysis.

Analyse Data with Confidence

Pink Elephant’s Data Analysis course will also teach you the skills to differentiate between descriptive and inferential statistics. You will learn about data mining and machine learning, including natural language processing (NLP). You will also learn how to harness powerful data algorithms that can turn raw data into actionable insights, giving you a competitive edge in any industry.

Visualise Data for Maximum Impact

Finally, you will learn the crucial skill of transforming complex data into clear, compelling visuals. Get hands-on experience with data visualisation techniques, explore various types of charts, plots, and heatmaps, and learn about the critical role of aesthetic design in data presentation. This skill will allow you to communicate your insights effectively and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Who should Take this E-Learning Course?

This course is for both those new to the world of data analyses and business professionals looking to upskill. No prior experience is required.

Download the FREE EXIN Data Analytics Exam Literature today for a sneak peek into what you’ll learn.

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