How to win friends and influence people at SITS23

How to win friends and influence people at SITS23

You can see Pink Elephant EMEA’s Misha Macinski no less than three times during SITS23. Not only is he hosting his own speaker session about what to consider before buying a toolset, he is also collaborating in two panel discussions (more details below). In this blog, Misha shares how his networking skills have enabled him to be such a prominent ITSM spokesman. In other words: how to win friends and influence people at SITS23.

Misha Macinski from Pink Elephant EMEA offers top tips for networking at SITS23
See below for when you can attend Misha’s speaker sessions and panel discussions

SITS23 is a hugely popular event in the IT service management industry, providing a great opportunity to network with professionals and peers in the field. But it’s obviously a big event in size as well as nature, with thousands of people walking around being enticed to hundreds of stands. So, if you’re not a seasoned networker, it can be quite a daunting prospect to make those initial connections. So, how do you win friends and influence people at SITS23?

Top networking tips

One of the key tips I offer about how to network at SITS23 is to plan ahead. Before attending, research the speakers, exhibitors, and attendees to identify potential contacts you would like to meet. Then, make a list of individuals and companies you would like to network with and find out where their stand is and/or when they are hosting speaker sessions.

My next tip is then to attend these sessions – not only to meet the speaker but also to meet people who share your interests and exchange ideas.

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Social media: #SITS23

Another recommended action before SITS23 takes place is to get active on social media. Starting following #SITS23 on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to engage with other attendees and speakers, and let them know you’ll be coming. You can also connect with those going through LinkedIn and schedule meetings during the event.

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Meet the Pink Elephant EMEA team at SITS23

The secret to successful networking is…..

My next ‘network at SITS23’ tip might be a little scary for those less forthcoming, but I really recommend being proactive in introducing yourself to people and starting conversations. Tip 1 about planning ahead certainly comes into play here too, but I would also recommend listening more than you talk. Yes, the more loquacious among us can give the sales patter, yes, they may have the gift of the gab, but, in my experience, prospective clients prefer it when they feel heard. So, make sure that you’re paying attention when others speak, and ask questions and show genuine interest in what they have to say – this will help build strong relationships over time. Don’t forget to follow up with contacts after the event.

Win prizes at SITS23 with Pink!

Remember that it is not all about business – it’s also about having fun! Take advantage of all the activities SITS23 has to offer, and be sure to visit Pink Elephant’s stand at number 430 for a prize-winning game that will have the entire venue buzzing.

But my winning tip on successful networking at SITS23 is, obviously, to attend one of Pink Elephant’s speaker sessions and have something interesting to talk about with your peers and colleagues. I look forward to seeing you there!

Join Misha for the following seminars:

  • 10 May, 15:00-15:45, Theatre 3
    ‘Haven’t you forgotten something? Crucial considerations before buying a toolset’
  • 11 May, 08:30-09:30, Theatre 1
    – Exclusive pre-show session (breakfast included).
    – Interactive discussion on this year’s three key challenges and trends for IT Service Management organisations.
    – With Pink Elephant, Freshworks (vendor) and Teijin Aramid (customer).
  • 11 May, 14:00-14:45, Theatre 2
    – How to solve real-life Service Management challenges through theory, practice and tooling.
    – With Pink Elephant, Freshworks (vendor) and Teijin Aramid (customer).

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