DevOps The Full Stack Approach

DevOps The Full Stack Approach

DevOps: The Full Stack Approach

Organisations that want to be technically innovative and remain competitive are expected to deliver quality value ever more rapidly at a reasonable cost. This reality led to the increasing demand for the automation of IT services, but one major barrier stood in the way. The typical disconnect between development and operations needed to be addressed.


The traditional silo mentality of IT work had to be dissolved and a new way for development and operations to productively work together had to be established. This need resulted in the birth and growth of DevOps.

What exactly is DevOps?

DevOps Defined
DevOps comprises an evolution of existing IT best practices from ITIL, Lean, and Agile. This integrated development and operations approach supports the automation and continuous delivery of IT services. At the same time, it encourages a culture of collaboration, communication, and learning to help IT deliver business value better, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

To help learners more easily understand the basic purpose of DevOps, Pink Elephant developed an innovative model – the Full Stack. Let’s take a look at how this can assist your organisation.

Devops Full stack


A Comprehensive DevOps Approach
The interrelated Full-Stack approach provides a holistic perspective of DevOps. It’s comprised of three core aspects that represent the critical success factors for any DevOps implementation:

  • Culture: Create the right culture with the right people
  • Practices: Put the right processes and practices into place
  • Automation: Add the level of technology and automation to that culture and those practices to streamline and accelerate them

These concepts and the full stack are explored further with the DevOps Fundamentals Course. 

DEVOPS Fundamentals

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