Digital TransformationPreparation

Digital TransformationPreparation

Digital Transformation Preparation

Rikkii Richman MBA – 12/03/2021

With many organisations now considering or even embarking on digital transformation initiatives, there’s much to consider i.e. supporting activities, functions & ways of working to ensure this major change initiative is a success.

Once agreed outcomes are identified, a complete 360˚ view of the business is required to assess capabilities across its people, processes & technologies, as a framework is created for success.

Importantly, moving to a new target operating model requires a review of all actors contributing to the organisation’s ecosystem. Risk assessments are required to identify potential service disruptions & mitigation priorities. Cloud migrations take planning & assessments will identify legacy services that are impossible to move. Its highly likely that a number of key skills required to execute the transformation successfully, don’t currently exist within the organisation, so talent will need to be developed or hired. Adopting Agile to execute digital transformation initiatives can help deliver a series of quick wins and demonstrate good progress from the outset.

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Irrespective of where you or your organisation is with its business or digital transformation initiatives, we can support your transformation activities by conducting a discovery exercise, create proposals recommending actions, lead or help lead you through various stages of the initiative. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an initial conversation to discuss how we can help.

Rikkii Richman

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