Digital TransformationSupporting Change

Digital TransformationSupporting Change

Supporting Change

Rikkii Richman MBA – 25/03/2021

Digital transformation is not something to be led solely by the CIO, or tossed to the IT department to get done. Undoubtedly technology is a key element, but these days, generally speaking, technology simply works.

Gartner’s Upper Right Quarter

Implement any of the top technologies in Gartner’s upper right quarter of any of their technology quadrants & they’ll perform the way they’re designed. Transformation failures occur when technologies are not embraced by those that need to use them; & that’s typically a leadership issue.

Organisation-Wide Changes

The whole organisation needs to be aware of the organisation’s digital transformation initiative, so you’ll need to communicate the plans & highlight their role in the program. As I have mentioned in many earlier blogs; digital transformation is less about technology & more about people. The people; your employees, will need support through the organisation-wide changes, so you’ll need to give focus to reskilling & upskilling staff so they’re better equipped to adjust to change. You’ll need to lead, coach, mentor & train them for your organisation’s digital future. Five things to focus on include;

  • Putting people first – for their creativity & innovation; give them responsibility and space to grow
  • Focussing on soft skills – invest in those who are most adaptable, curious and flexible, & bet on those likely to learn new skills
  • Driving change from the top – Executive buy-in is a critical success factor, with visible & effective leadership, communicating the vision clearly and effectively, motivating and energising teams across the entire organisation
  • Acting on data insights – collecting data, establish insights, using it to create action plans & executing those plans, regularly checking results and being prepared to adapt to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Promoting a ‘fail fast & learn quick’ mantra – but slowing down to succeed if the pace of progress risks long-term quality
Speak to a consultant

Irrespective of where you or your organisation is with its business or digital transformation initiatives, we can support your transformation activities by conducting a discovery exercise, create proposals recommending actions, lead or help lead you through various stages of the initiative. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an initial conversation to discuss how we can help.

Rikkii Richman

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