Pink Elephant announces partnership with 4me

Pink Elephant announces partnership with 4me

ITSM goes ‘Double Dutch’

Pink Elephant EMEA is delighted to announce its new partnership with 4me®, a leading provider of end-to-end service management solutions. This partnership brings together two Dutch companies with a shared commitment to delivering exceptional IT service management (ITSM) solutions to customers worldwide.

With 4me’s robust ITSM platform, customers can streamline their operations and improve their overall service delivery. The platform offers end-to-end service management, making it easier for businesses to manage all aspects of their IT services from a single interface.

How will a 4me and Pink Elephant partnership work?

The partnership between Pink Elephant and 4me will work by combining Pink Elephant’s thought leadership and expertise in ITSM with 4me’s innovative platform. Pink Elephant will provide consulting, onboarding and training services to help customers integrate and optimize the 4me platform into their operations.

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How can you benefit from this partnership?

Customers will benefit from this partnership by gaining access to a powerful ITSM solution that can improve their service delivery and increase their operational efficiency. They will also have the support of Pink Elephant’s experienced consultants, who will help them maximize the value of the 4me platform.

As both companies are Dutch, there is a shared bond between them that strengthens their collaboration. This partnership represents a significant milestone for Pink Elephant and 4me, as they work together to deliver world-class ITSM solutions to customers globally.

“Organisations change very quickly, and our architecture is prepared for this.”

Ramond Keesmekers, Head of Technology at Pink Elephant, said:

“With 4me, we now have the right technology in our portfolio for every type of customer. The 4me service management platform has a unique architecture that offers many benefits for our customers.

“It is possible, for example, to get the basic ITSM processes operational within a few weeks and to add departments such as HR and Facilities in no time. Given the speed, we call this onboarding instead of implementing.

“Furthermore, external suppliers can work together seamlessly, whereby the customer keeps control and an overview of the quality of the service. Finally, 4me does not involve annual, time-consuming, and costly upgrades. These go live weekly in the background without impact for the customer.”

Cor Winkler Prins, CEO of 4me, added:

“We expect a lot from the collaboration with Pink Elephant. It is important to us that the distinctiveness of our platform is recognised.

“In the discussions prior to the collaboration, it turned out that both organisations not only have a lot of experience but also have the same vision of enterprise service management. Organisations change very quickly, and our architecture is prepared for this.

“The fact that this ‘agile’ starting point is also seen as important by Pink Elephant gives us great confidence in the collaboration. A partnership that will ultimately take organisations’ service delivery to a higher level.”

About 4me – The Complete Service Management Platform
4me® combines the capabilities of ITSM with ESM and SIAM, allowing internal departments such as IT, HR and Facilities, as well as external service providers, to work together seamlessly. At the same time, 4me provides complete insight into and control over service costs and quality.

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