MarsLander®Virtual ITSM Simulation

Get the ITSM crowd back together online

MarsLander®Virtual ITSM Simulation Get the ITSM crowd back together online

About the Virtual Simulation

In this online business simulation workshop you will be playing either a business or IT role in the Mission control room of the MarsLander mission. Working for a company called SPACE-Y.

As a team you will need to balance increasing demands and opportunities from different stakeholders. Innovating new products and service offerings, optimizing existing business value, managing technical debt as well as aligning and improving end-to-end value streams. There is a lot of competition in the market. Speed and quality count.

As a team, you will be faced with running business as usual as well as Transforming to new agile ways of applying ITSM using ITIL®4 concepts.

By playing in a number of game rounds and reflecting and improving between rounds you will also need to apply ‘continual learning and improving’ as a core team capability.

All this with scarce resources and time pressure. All of this working remotely, demanding effective communication and collaboration skills?

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Set up of the Simulation

The simulation consists of 3 rounds. In each round the team will experience one or more aspects of ITIL®4 and more agile ways of IT Service Management.

Round one: Experience a new way of working

The team must organize themselves and will receive a package of work.

Round two: Collaboration, Visualization and flow

The team will use feedback from their own reflection session to ‘progress iteratively with feedback’.

Round three: Value Streams & value realization

In this round, the team will experience the benefits of working in Value Streams to enable the smooth, fast and safe deployment of new features and services.

The session will be closed with a reflection of the lessons learned and follow up actions. What did we learn and what can we take away and apply in terms of both ITIL®4 as well as remote communication, collaboration and visualization.

Is it right for your company?

If you’re wondering whether the online ITSM simulation is right for your company, consider these questions:

  • Do your IT and business managers have formal processes and channels through which to communicate and liaise when issues arise?
  • Do your IT departmental teams understand what the IT management understands about the business, and what it takes to keep it running?
  • If you answered yes to both these questions, then you’ll already have workable resolution processes in place, superb interdepartmental communication, and highly satisfied customers. Great job! Your employees won’t need to take part in this simulation.
  • If, however, you are experiencing the stress of managing and working in a dynamic environment, trying to meet the ever-changing demands of the business, whilst simultaneously trying to achieve service targets with increasing budget constraints – this simulation will prove to be a very useful experience.


This simulation can be delivered with teams of 7 participants and will take max. 6 hours.

Target audience

This simulation is designed for roles inside and outside of IT.

  • Employees of IT (Operations) teams
  • IT managers and team leaders
  • Development teams
  • Business roles
  • ITSM specialists
  • Students having followed ITIL® training can experiment with translating ITIL® theory into practice.

This simulation also helps IT Operations teams to take the next steps towards alignment with the DevOps philosophy and ITIL® Practitioner guiding principles.

Key elements of this simulation

  • Small Teams
  • Short program
  • Agile IT Service Management ways of working such as ITIL®
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