Managed Service Desk

Managed Service Desk

Our Managed Service Desk

The Service Desk is the face of a company’s IT Services. So, if things go wrong on the Service Desk, the whole IT department can suffer reputational damage within the company. More importantly, the reputation of the people managing IT Services will also suffer.

Why Pink

  • 24/7/365 Coverage

    Our Managed Service Centre is open 24/7/365

  • Multilingual Support

    English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and more

  • Lower operational costs

    Our fully managed service is accompanied by considerable cost savings and more...

  • ITSM Thought Leadership

    Globally reconsidered ITSM Thought Leader for over 40 years

  • Performance Driven

    KPI driven with a significant focus on first time fix and response...

  • Innovation

    Leading edge technology and future-equipped service capabilities

Flexible Solutions

As we’ve established, IT Support is the front-facing representative (and therefore the most visible element) of IT Service Delivery. It is a core function that most organisations have: ‘fixing’ IT-related problems with some level of maturity. Improve this key area and other improvements will naturally follow, including customer satisfaction.

The good news is that it is relatively quick to enhance this area – there is no need for major organisational change. However, critical to the success of these improvements are, of course, the people providing customer support activities.

The Pink Elephant Managed Service Desk places the emphasis on the staffing, management and improvement of your customer’s single point of contact to the IT department. Pink Elephant provides certified, experienced people at the ‘peak of their enthusiasm’ to deliver this critical element of customer service excellence, based firmly on ITIL best practices.

The deployment of the team is carried out using a proven transition plan suitable for any organisation, and provides immediate access to globally tested ITIL processes and procedures – fully documented – allowing for the implementation of key best practice disciplines from the outset.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Pink Elephant employees: recruitment is key; we employ graduates with an infectious positive attitude that is perfect for Customer Service duties.
  • Rigorous induction programme: all staff will have at least ITIL Foundation and SDI Service Desk Analyst certification
  • Every Pink Elephant employee is supported by a three-year IT Service Management apprenticeship scheme.
  • Staff rotation: keeps on-site staff at their peak of motivation and drive, ensuring the client always has a fresh, motivated, and energetic workforce.
  • Field Managers – responsible for the well-being of on-site staff – conduct regular appraisals and manage career progression. They are also responsible for performance, SLAs and KPIs.
  • Supernumerary staff: if you require eight or more analysts, we will provide additional free resources to cover any absence.
  • Knowledge: all our staff have the back-up of one of the world’s leading authorities on IT Service Management.
  • The ‘Service Wrap’: when you opt for a fully-managed service, we’ll provide a Service Desk assessment at the start of the contract to feed into an improvement plan.
  • Known fixed costs and no more recruitment fees.
  • ITIL best practice processes and procedures deployed by the leaders in IT Management.
  • Pink Elephant will take responsibility for the recruitment, selection, and management of all staff performance issues within the Service Desk environment.
  • Standard, detailed monthly reporting included against pre-agreed service levels.
  • Service performance is underpinned by Pink Elephant’s world-class team of consultants and education products.
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