Digital TransformationPart 15

Holy Trinity

Digital TransformationPart 15 Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

Rikkii Richman MBA – 25/02/2021

Good IT leaders have long appreciated the importance of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of effective technology management.

While organisations begin wrestling with their significant programs of transformation & tactical change initiatives, the importance of harnessing the full potential of People, Process & Technology is arguably more critical now than it has ever been. What’s more, it extends beyond IT.

Organisations will need to make fundamental changes to their overall operating models if their transformations are to be successful. Collaboration across teams should be commonplace, enabling all actors to contribute to achieve the vision.

This will require effective leadership to get the best from their teams & technologies to establish what some major Global Consultancies refer to as ‘Bionic Companies’; blending new technology with human capability to power growth, innovation, efficiency, resilience & advantage.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs; digital transformation starts with people & the organisation needs to be culturally ready. Establishing the ultimate requirements from the off, should lead to a review of operating models (current and future state), organisational ways of working and consider people, process, & technology.

Irrespective of where you or your organisation is with its business or digital transformation initiatives, we can support your transformation activities by conducting a discovery exercise, create proposals recommending actions, lead or help lead you through various stages of the initiative. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an initial conversation to discuss how we can help.

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