A new series on Digital Transformation

A new series on Digital Transformation

A new series of blogs and articles on Digital Transformation from Rikkii Richman.

In years to come, 2020 will be seen as the year the world paused and hit the reset button. It will be the year of the global pandemic, which forced the world to withdraw from its usual activities while politicians and scientists considered counteractions to disrupt the spread of Covid-19.

We recognise the challenge that Boards and business leaders now face. Some organisations know they need to change, but don’t know how to approach it. Others will know they need to change, but may no longer have the capability to do so, following the exodus of contractors from organisations which issued blanket bans as they wrestled with IR35 legislation earlier this year, or perhaps reduced their permanent headcount to achieve operating efficiencies in an attempt to soften the financial impacts of Covid-19. In those organisations where the capability to drive change does still exist, there may be a lack of capacity to prevent progress.

To help, we are launching a new series of blogs and articles that considers these issues from Rikkii Richman. Focussing on Digital Transformation as a core topic, we will explore and discuss the critical elements that are key to successful digital transformations. Using our skills, experience and expertise, we will provide thought leadership across people, process and technology, covering Target Operating Models, The Cloud, Agile, Risk ManagementTalent, and more. We will be offering industry insights, and guidance, as well as consultancy services and support. We will engage with our clients and seek to understand the issues affecting their organisations today so that we cover topics important to you and provide guidance to help navigate through the challenges associated with large transformational change.

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