Beyond Foundation ITIL 4 Advanced Courses.

Beyond Foundation ITIL 4 Advanced Courses.

ITIL 4 advanced courses are just around the corner. Check out what’s beyond Foundation.

Below are all the courses Pink Elephant will offer starting late 2019 early 2020. Please note the course deliveries will be staggered. Stay tuned for upcoming details on the exact delivery dates.

The ITIL 4 certification scheme:


Facts to know about ITIL 4 so far:

  • The ITIL 4 IT service management model has been updated to include best practices from other methodologies, including Agile, DevOps, and Lean. This addresses one of the biggest user complaints about past versions of ITIL
  • The Service Value System, core to ITIL 4, promotes an anti-silo approach as well as better collaboration and communication across the whole organisation
  • It is designed to be more customisable and flexible. It focuses more on how things fit together as a big picture to create value, and less on process steps
  • Virtually all of ITIL v3’s 26 processes have been revitalised and incorporated, to a degree, into ITIL 4
  • Three of ITIL v3’s four functions have taken on new life as ITIL 4 practices
  • It’s being released in stages –  the ITIL 4 Foundation certification course was introduced earlier this year and the ITIL 4 advanced courses will be available in late 2019 or early 2020
  •  In the previous ITIL version, users were able to take various courses to collect the appropriate number of credits to become an ITIL Expert. Within the ITIL 4 certification scheme, students must take all four courses offered in the MP stream to achieve the ITIL Managing Professional (MP) designation.
  • In October, the ITIL 4 bridging module (officially named, the Managing Professional Transition course) will be introduced. This course will enable v3 experts to move over to ITIL Managing Professional. Dates available


Beyond Foundation

The ITIL 4 Advanced Courses – MP Stream


ITIL Specialist – Create, Deliver & Support

  • Aimed at ITSM practitioners who manage the operation of IT-enabled and digital products and services as well as those responsible for the end-to-end delivery
  • A key focus on operations, including topics like problem and change management
  • Covers service performance and an in-depth understanding of service quality and improvement methods

ITIL Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value

  • Aimed at ITSM practitioners responsible for managing and integrating stakeholders
  • A key focus on the customer journey and experience and fostering relationships with partners and suppliers
  • Covers the conversion of demand into value via IT-enabled services and key topics such as SLA design, multi-supplier management, communication, relationship management, CS and UX design, customer journey mapping, and more

ITIL Specialist – High Velocity IT

  • Aimed at IT managers and practitioners who are involved in digital services or digital transformation projects working within or towards high-velocity environments
  • A key focus on the rapid delivery of products and services to obtain maximum value
  • Covers the use of working practices such as Agile and Lean, as well as technical practices and technologies such as cloud, automation, and automatic testing

ITIL Strategist – Direct, Plan & Improve

  • Aimed at managers of all levels involved in shaping direction and strategy or developing a continually improving team
  • A key focus on the practical skills necessary to create a learning-and-improving IT organization with a strong and effective strategic direction
  • Covers the influence and impact of Agile and Lean ways of working, and how they can be leveraged to an organization’s advantage

Check back with us for more information about dates on these courses.

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