Tech DataMultilingual Managed Service Desk

Tech DataMultilingual Managed Service Desk

Tech Data - Managed Service Desk

Provision of a 24*7*365 multilingual managed Service Desk resulting in increased customer satisfaction and cost savings

The Problem

The retail organisation was operating an internal IT support service, consisting of a multilingual team based in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Pink Elephant was approached to assess the current state of this support service, as the general perception across the organisation was that it was not offering value in terms of supporting the user community.

Pink Elephant used a best practice benchmarking exercise to determine the underlying facts regarding the support service. The investigation also covered any associated skills, business processes and technologies. The statistical starting point for the service was as follows: The service was managing just over 10,000 contacts per month, primarily handling any outstanding issues logged, plus a further 1,100 telephone contacts.

Our Solution

Upon being awarded the contract, Pink Elephant began the development of a 12-month improvement project in order to address the gaps identified by the initial benchmark assessment.

At the same time, recruitment of local management and technical staff commenced, with a clearly defined mandate of finding people who had the required native language abilities, the technical skills to resolve customer issues and, most importantly, had the right communication skills to ensure that the end to end customer experience was positive – irrespective of the assistance that could be offered.

The team was onboarded through an intensive induction in August 2014, where Pink Elephant and the customer’s requirements were embedded, followed by a further month of training on the customer’s systems in association with their internal stakeholders. In addition to ITIL training, all staff received comprehensive SDI training, which focused on customer engagement and interaction skills. From a management perspective, a Service Manager, Team Manager and a number of Team Leaders were sourced for their previous strong service management and service turnaround experience.

The service went live in parallel with the existing internal team on 1 October 2014. The new team was structured to manage the incoming capacity from a holistic perspective as opposed to language silos. A quality assurance function focused on identifying early service gaps, which was addressed through ongoing training and mentoring interventions. Pink Elephant installed Bomgar® Enterprise Remote Access technology in order to allow the team to connect and resolve issues as they arose.

The customer’s service has, to date, been operational for 15 months and continues to mature with the upcoming implementation of new service management technology and supporting process functions, such as formal problem trending and business intelligence.

Customer Benefits of Pink's Managed Service Desk:


  • Implementation of technologies to support an improved service
  • Twelve-month improvement plan
  • Best practice benchmarks guidance
  • SDI® and ITIL® qualified staff
  • Increase in first-time fixes
  • 24/7 support
  • Multilingual remote support


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