Frequently Asked Questions About ITIL 4

Frequently Asked Questions About ITIL 4

ITIL®, the world’s favourite and most popular IT service management best practice framework, was first released in 1989, ITIL was republished in a new format in 2000 as ITIL® v2, updated in 2007 as ITIL® v3 (with a slight refresh in 2011), and here we are in 2019 with ITIL 4 coming within the month

FAQs on ITIL4 Update

1. What will the new ITIL® be called?

The new updated ITIL guidance will be called ITIL 4. This name reflects the role ITIL 4 will play in supporting individuals and organisations to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

2. What are the certification levels in ITIL® 4?

3. When will the new publication be released?

ITIL Foundation guidance will be released in Q1 this year. Publications associated with ITIL Specialist, Strategist and Leader will be released after Q2 2019. Exact dates on the release have not been officially announced by AXELOS.

4. I have achieved 3 or 4 Intermediate credits in the ITIL V3 Certification scheme. How should I transition to ITIL 4?

Learners have below 2 options,

Option 1 – Candidates can take ITIL 4 Foundation and further ITIL 4 Specialist, Strategist or Leader to eventually be certified as ITIL Managing Professional or/and ITIL Strategic Leader.

Option 2 – Candidates can work towards collecting 17 credits in current ITIL V3 certification scheme till Axelos release the date of retirement. Upon which learners would be eligible to take the Managing Professional Transition module and also being certified as ITIL Managing Professional.

5. I am an ITIL V3 Certified Expert. How should I transition to ITIL 4?

Individuals with ITIL v3 Expert are directly eligible to take Managing Professional Transition module upon which learners will be certified as ITIL Managing Professional.

After achieving ITIL Managing Professional designation, if individuals is interested in pursuing the ITIL Strategic Leader, they would only need to complete the ITIL Leader Digital & Strategy module.

6. When will ITIL V3 be discontinued?

The transition will be a gradual process, allowing learners to continue collecting their ITIL v3 Intermediate credits to enable a transition to ITIL Managing Professional. AXELOS will therefore not discontinue ITIL v3 (stop maintaining exams, publishing books or accrediting candidates) before June 2020.

7. When will the ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module be discontinued?

The ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module will be valid for one year after its launch for learners to complete this transition module.

8. Who is the target audience for ITIL 4’s ITIL Managing Professional?

ITIL Managing Professional (ITIL MP) targets IT practitioners working within technology and digital teams across businesses. The Managing Professional (MP) stream provides practical and technical knowledge about how to run successful IT projects, teams and workflows.

9. Who going to use ITIL 4’s ITIL Strategic Leader?

ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL) recognises the value of ITIL, not just for IT operations, but for all digitally enabled services. Becoming an ITIL Strategic Leader (ITIL SL) demonstrates that the professional has a clear understanding of how IT influences and directs business strategy.

10. When can I take ITIL 4 Foundation Exam?

Pink Elephant is proud to be the very first to launch ITIL 4 Foundation training with exams globally to officially certify learners and ITIL enthusiasts. Our first UK course is taking place in March.

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